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Use of Character Development and Strong Imagery in Story

Dwight giving my Winchester away was inconceivable; I left the house and went to talk to Arthur. “Arthur, can you believe that Dwight would make the decision to trade my Winchester for a stupid dog, especially without asking me? On top of that, he lied to my mother once again.

There is no way that Dwight will get my Winchester back like he told my mother he would.” “Who knows,” said Arthur, “Maybe he didn’t lie to your mother and he really is going to trade for your Winchester back.” “Dwight’s main goal has always been to make me as miserable as he could and this was only the next step”, I yelled back at Arthur. Arthur didn’t know what he was talking about.

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Dwight had gone to far this time. It was my Winchester, not his. I knew exactly how I was going to get even too. When Champions previous owner sends the AKC papers, I’m going to find out exactly where my Winchester is. Then I am going to hitchhike with Arthur to Seattle and get my Winchester back. After I get back, Dwight will be sorry that he has treated my mother and me so poorly.

School was not important anymore; the only thing on my mind was to make sure that I would get to the mail before Dwight. As the mailman approached on Wednesday, I had a funny feeling in my stomach. Were the papers going to finally be here? Would I now be able to start my plan? The mailman handed me the mail – They were here! Champion’s owner did actually live in Seattle and the plan to get my back Winchester back could now be formulated.

Lying awake in bed I thought of my plan. Before I leave for school, I am going to take some of the money I have been saving up and place it in my secret hiding spot in the woods. I was to go to school like it was any normal day. During my paper route, I am going to pick up Arthur at the place where we once fought and, hopefully, Arthur is going to bring with him some food that he steals from home.

Lastly, we will pick up the money I have hidden in the woods and leave for Seattle to retrieve my Winchester. The plan did leave a couple of questions though. Are we actually going to go through with this plan? Would we be able to find someone on their way to Seattle that is willing to pick up two hitchhikers?

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I kept dreaming and millions of thoughts were running through my mind – I was going to get my Winchester back and, at the same time, I was going to be able to get away from home for a couple of days. Maybe, I would never come back. Arthur and I could probably get a job somewhere in Seattle.

It would be tough at first because we would not have a place to live but, while we are saving up our money for our own place, we could find different places to shack up. During the day we would be working anyway. I would also try to save up enough money to come back and save my mother from Dwight. My mother and I could live our own life together, away from Dwight forever. I really, really wanted this to happen and, unlike the other times, I was going to actually go through with this plan.

Friday morning came and I took the money I saved and hid it in my famous hiding spot in the woods. As I was on my way to school, Dwight saw me. He asked, “You left for school so long ago, why are you not in school already?” I was not ready to see Dwight and started to answer him in gibberish. He then yelled, “Answer me Toby or else!” The only thing I could think of to say was “I was supposed to meet this girl, but she stood me up.” “Really,” Dwight replied, “What is her name?” “Mandy, Mandy Morgan.”

She was the only girl around that Dwight didn’t know anything about. He knew of her, but he didn’t know her parents and I figured that would keep him from checking up on me. I was right. Dwight’s only reply was actually nice; “It’s ok, maybe her parents didn’t let her out, or maybe she got sick or something. Keep your head up, there may be a very rational answer for why she didn’t show up.” I said ok and Dwight left me to go to school.

Throughout the school day, I began thinking. What if I couldn’t find a person that would pick a hitchhiker or what if I happen to stop a car where the person knows me and tells Dwight? Questions like these were running through my head all morning. When I saw Arthur and told him that I was having second thoughts, he told me to relax and demanded me to meet him at our old fighting spot. Reluctantly I agreed.

School ended and I started on my paper route. I delivered the papers more slowly than I ever have before. I really didn’t want to go through with my plan and was trying to think of some way to get out of it. Arthur must have known this, because he met me much sooner than the place we originally fought, and, at the same time, he had a huge bag of food with him.

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asked him, “Why do you want to go on this trip so bad.” I’ll never forget his answer, “I’m not only tired of this town, but I am also tired of seeing the way Dwight treats your family. You have to do this, not only for your sake but for the sake of your mother too.” He was right, I had to work up the courage to go to Seattle and get my rifle back. Even if I didn’t stay there, I really needed to show Dwight that I don’t like the way he treats me. We finished delivering the papers, picked up the money I hid, and left for Seattle to get my Winchester back.

We were walking down the highway, with our thumbs held up in the air, waiting for someone to stop and give us a lift. Finally, a man stopped in a very old familiar-looking Nash Rambler. The smell of the hot engine and burning fuel reminded me of the Rambler my mother and I used to drive from Florida to Utah. The driver of the Rambler stopped the car and asked, “Where are you guys headed?” Arthur replied, “Seattle.” “Wow!,” exclaimed the driver, “That’s where I’m heading back to – Would you like a lift?” “Yes Sir!,” we replied.

As I stepped into the car, I noticed a long object covered with some sort of a blanket in the back seat. I moved the blanket and, to my surprise, I saw my Winchester! Somehow I was able to stay calm. I tried to motion to Arthur, who was in the front seat, but it was way too hard with the gentlemen sitting right next to him.

As we were driving for a little while, I asked the gentlemen, “Why are you heading to Seattle?” He replied, “Just heading home, I was in Chinook visiting some family members after I made a trade with some guy.” Playing along I asked, “What did you trade?” “Well, actually I traded some stupid dog that can’t hurt to save its life to some guy for that Winchester rifle in that back seat – the one right next to you.” Still playing along and hoping to get Arthur’s attention I exclaimed, “Wow, what a great deal you got!” “Yeah,” he said, “Between me and you two boys, the other guy was an idiot, he really thought that dog was going to be a great hunter.”

Finally, Arthur caught on. He looked back at me in disbelief. I motioned for him to stay calm and relax. Arthur stayed as calm as he could, and I sat in the back contemplating some sort of plan to get out of the car with my Winchester. Little did I know, I didn’t even need to form a plan.

There must have been some sort of a design flaw in all Ramblers. Smoke flowed out of the top of the Ramblers engine, and we all got out of the car to wait for the engine to cool. I wanted to find a time when Arthur and I were alone in order to tell him how we could get out of this very weird situation.

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My chance came when the gentleman started smoking a cigarette as he walked away from the car. I told Arthur to be ready to run and, when the time came, to run faster then he has ever run before. I had already kept the car door open and when I thought the gentlemen was far enough from the car, I motioned to Arthur to start running. I grabbed the gun and followed Arthur as fast as I could. We were well out of sight before the guy even knew we left, at least I think we were.

When we got back to Chinook, I thought about telling everyone that I got back my Winchester, but I decided not too. Dwight took it away from me once and if he knew I had it back, he would probably try to do it again. Therefore, I hid the gun in my secret hiding spot in the woods. No one will ever be able to find it, no one. When I got home that night, I sat and stared at the ceiling contemplating two thoughts.

The first was simply getting my gun back, but the other was more complex. I couldn’t shake the thought of using my Winchester to get revenge on Dwight. But, how could I leave Pearl with nothing? Dwight treated Pearl much better than me, and she would be heartbroken without any living parents. As mad as I was at Dwight, I had to make myself content with only getting my Winchester back. I will get Dwight back some other time, in some other way. For now, I can only wish I didn’t have to go hunting with him tomorrow.

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