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Unemployment Essay

Employment is the prime means for people to earn money, allowing them to provide the basic necessities, such as food, water, clothing, and shelter for themselves as well as their family members. Since employment is so important to our society, the increasing rate of people losing their jobs is becoming a serious problem. The loss of a job can cause individuals to lose important possessions, such as their home, car, etc.. It will also affect their lifestyle, having to manage their money more cautiously. Over time, the loss of a job can lead one to many physical, social, and mental health problems, or may also induce people to take part in illegal actions to fund the money they need to support their families.

Unemployment has become a leading world problem after the economic slow down that affected America in 2008. According to the United States Bureau of Labor statics, the unemployment rate in the U.S is 9.1 percent, since last recorded in October of 2011. They recorded approximately 13.9 million people without jobs, including people that are in the process of seeking other jobs. Not saying that unemployment did not affect us before the economy slows down, but the problem now has become more severe and is starting to affect greater sums of people.

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Although unemployment has become so intense for us in America, there are also many other countries that are being affected by it as well. “Once Were Warriors,” a movie, that takes place in the slums of New Zealand, shows both Beth and Jake Heke unemployed, and the toll it took on them, along with their five children: Poll, Abe, Grace, Boogie, and Nig. In India, over 100,000 are left unemployed due to overpopulation and lack of education that is ongoing. According to the Labor Bureau, 9.4 percent of the whole country, and 10.1 percent in rural areas are unemployed since it was last recorded in 2010. The loss of jobs is occurring everywhere, and although there may be no suitable way to stop it from happening, we should be able to understand the components leading up to it.

There are a few fundamental factors that lead to unemployment. The first factor that causes unemployment is the increase in population. Our population is increasing so rapidly that we cannot create jobs in that same proportion, which leaves a large section of people without jobs. Along with the increase in population, another cause of unemployment is education. Education has gotten to the point where job-related subjects are not forcibly taught in high schools and colleges. Students are learning depthless material, which leads to the lack of ability and knowledge to obtain and maintain a job. The third cause of unemployment is the rapid growth in machinery.

The increasing use of machinery is gradually ceasing the amount of manual labor needed. As technology keeps advancing, more machinery will be made that will eventually end the need of labor. Unemployed persons tend to get severely depressed because they are no longer able to provide for their families. Many people that are in this situation even try to commit suicide,

“There was the Staten Island suicide, where an emergency medical services employee who thought himself about to be fired posted his final words on Facebook: “I can’t go on anymore. I just hung myself.” In Anaheim, Calif., there was the man underwater on his mortgage and awash in credit card debt who shot his wife and one of his children before himself. His two children survived. His wife did not.” (LiveScience)

This is an example of a man who felt like being unemployed would affect his life tremendously, and he knew that he would be unable to support his family, so he tried killing everyone he loved around him. This unhappiness and dissatisfaction that is felt by people during unemployment rise the longer they stay unemployed, and will eventually cause someone to severely hurt themselves. Another aftereffect that unemployment has on people is the desire to find other ways to make money. For example, the distribution of marijuana, prostitution, burglary, and any other illegal actions. In the movie, “Once Were Warriors,” Jake Heke loses his job and began gambling on horse races to earn money to provide for himself.

In addition to being unemployed one also obtains unemployment benefits. These benefits are funded by the government, taken as taxes, and given to the individuals when they are unemployed for a set period of time. The payment is given for six months and may or may not be extended, depending on the financial circumstances of the government. It is given as a nominal amount of money to cover the basic needs of the individual. At the same time, the government expects the individual to be actively seeking a job.

There is also a retraining program to guide the individual to learn other skills, which can help redirect one to a live industry. Another benefit that is given while unemployed is free health insurance, which is provided for the individuals that have younger children and lasts throughout their unemployment.

Unemployment is a leading issue worldwide, and it affects tons of people tremendously. People need jobs so that they can afford the necessities for living. Without jobs, it is a constant struggle for individuals that rely on weekly checks that can barely provide what they need. The longer one is unemployed, the more prone one are to become unhappy and dissatisfied. They will eventually lose their sense of identity. This is why it is important to actively seek jobs when one is unemployed.

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