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UC Application Admission Essay

Programming is one of my best skills so far. I love to spend most of my time coding and solving the world’s most difficult problems. For me, coding is the art of creating computer programs, or rather applications, that aim to solve a particular problem. It is a way to embody ideas that improve people’s lives, make everyday routines easier, or just entertain users.

I love coding for many reasons. First, coding enables me to automate some of my daily tasks. If I have to do something repeatedly every other day, I prefer to automate it using code.

Secondly, coding is interesting and fun. It is fascinating how you can make a program to be used by other people to make their work easier. Thirdly, it is also fascinating how a few lines of code can command a machine to do something.

There are many programming languages out there that a programmer can use to solve problems. For me, I love Java, and this has helped me achieve a lot in the programming world. Java is an object-oriented language that can be used to create Apple and Android applications. I love Java because it helps me to create games that I can play during my free time. The art of creating games has really improved my skills in this language, and I can comfortably use classes and functions to solve real-world problems.

In order to solve a given (non-trivial) problem, you have to make a few decisions due to the strict specifications of programming languages. You have to name classes, variables, and methods to be used. You also have to create the final layout and algorithms you will use to achieve a given action. All these combinations of factors give programmers the freedom to express themselves through coding.

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