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True North Communications, Inc. Company Profile

The company that our group decided to profile and the document are True North Communications Incorporated. True North is a top global advertising agency and communications company with more than 280 offices worldwide. The company is based out of Chicago, Illinois and is found at 101 East Erie Street. It can be reached on the Internet using the web address, In 1994, True North became a holding agency for a company called Foote, Cone, and Belding which was a company started in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York in 1942 and will be discussed later (

David Bell, who became Chief Executive Officer in 1999, heads True North Communications. He runs a company that employs around 13,800 people with a yearly growth rate of 15%, and in the year 2000 earned revenue of $1,557 million ( True North consists of several different subsidiary advertising agencies, all consisting of different sizes. These agencies are FCB Worldwide (Foote, Cone, and Belding Worldwide), Bozell, Temerlin McClain, Marketing Drive Worldwide, and BSMG Worldwide.

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FCB is a powerful global agency network under True North, with 2000 billings of $9.5 billion and more than 190 offices servicing clients in 102 countries. FCB has key offices in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Southern California. Also, FCB holds the rank of number ten in the world with a top ten ranking in many major markets. Some of these include Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China/Hong Kong, India, Mexico, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Spain, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, and Venezuela.

FCB offers a broad range of integrated services, which consist of Advertising, Field Service Marketing, Events and Sports Marketing. They offer a unique strategy called “Model One”. This offers all clients one management team, one strategy, one broad creative idea, and one bottom line. FBC also offers FCBi, with operations in thirty-eight offices in twenty-eight countries. This gives clients an Interactive Relationship to Management Solutions both online and offline (

Bozell Group is a full-service advertising agency comprised of six independent full-service agencies: Bozell, Bozell Kamstra, Avrett Free & Ginsberg, Berenter Greenhouse &Webster, Stein Rogan + Partners and Howard, and Merrell & Partners. Bozell is one of the leading U.S. agencies and operates under the banner of True North Communications Inc., the world’s sixth-largest advertising company. Since Tom Bernardin became president four years ago, Bozell’s client roster has grown and they have more than doubled total billings to around $2.2 billion. Bozell’s main office is located in New York, but other offices can be found in Chicago, Omaha, NE, and Silicon Valley, CA.

Bozell’s client list is made up of about 20 companies. The best known include: Excedrin, Milk, The New York Times, Pork, Bank of America, and Verizon Wireless. Their top three clients are Milk, Bank of America, the nation’s largest bank from coast to coast, and Verizon Wireless, currently the nation’s largest wireless provider. Bozell also does Pro Bono Community Service Campaigns. Bozell New York supports Boy Scouts of America, Central Park Conservancy and City Park Foundation.

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Bozell’s Milk Mustache Campaign was the nation’s largest industry-funded account. With the campaign, “a new American icon was born and a commodity became a brand” ( The Wall Street Journal called the Milk campaign “the gold standard for commodities advertising” ( It was the only print advertising campaign in USA Today’s reader’s choice top ten campaigns of all time.

Howard, Merrel & Partners, on of Bozell’s six advertising agencies, is located in Raleigh, North Carolina. It was acquired by True North in August of 2000 and assigned to Bozell. It employs about 80 people and has billings of around $90 million. Howard, Merrell & Partners is known for their creative advertising, strategic research and account planning capabilities. Some of their clients include BB&T, Costa Del Ma Sunglasses, MacGregor Golf Clubs, Kimberly-Clark, and Defend, a flea treatment for dogs. When the Defend campaign was launched, “sales increased 680% and the campaign received a Gold Effie award for creative excellence and marketplace results” (

One major advertising agency of True North Communications is Foote, Cone & Belding, FCB. FCB is one of the top three agencies in the United States, and it also ranks number ten in the world. FCB was founded as Lord & Thomas in 1873 and became Foote, Cone & Belding in 1943, when it was sold to its top managers, Emerson Foote, Fairfax Cone, and Don Belding. FCB is the world’s third oldest advertising agency. Their North American headquarters is in New York, New York.

FCB offers a broad range of fully integrated communications services including Advertising, Direct, Digital, CRM/Database, Field Service Marketing, Events Marketing and Sports Marketing. Their goal is to offer “Ideas that both sell today and build brand value”. FCB uses a variety of tools to aid in attaining their goal, which includes: Brand Insights Online, Chess, Future Focus, Mind & Mood, Prophesy and Relationship Monitor. These tools are what FCB uses to help their Clients “win the marketplace”. They deliver their Clients’ brands through TV, Print, Interactive, Direct, Promotions, Event Planning or Sports Marketing.

FCB has approximately 28 clients. Some of them are: AT&T, Boeing, Clairol, Compaq, Dockers, Kraft, Mattel, Nabisco, Quaker, Taco Bell, and Tropicana. We all have seen some of their FCB’s advertisements for these clients in a magazine, on the TV, or on the Internet and just not known it.

Many of us has flipped through a woman’s magazine and seen the work that FCB has done for Dockers. FCB has done various print advertisements for Dockers, specifically women’s khaki pants. FCB has aimed Dockers’ “Nice Pants” slogan toward women with their “Wouldn’t it be nice” campaign ads for women’s khaki. These ads emphasize the comfort and ease of relaxation you can get from wearing Dockers khakis.

FCB has also done a commercial for Dockers. It is called E-train. The scenario is a metro train operator sees a million of people everyday without ever noticing anyone. But when she sees guy with Dockers pants on riding in a second train, she slows down her train to take a second look. It definitely shows that she thinks he has on “Nice Pants”.

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During February in Italy, Quaker assigned FCB the Gatorade business, moving it from Testa, their current agency. The agency now has Gatorade brand throughout all 19 European markets, in addition to the U.S. (

The history of Temerlin McCain traces back to 1921. Beginning in Dallas, Texas, Temerlin McCain has grown to become the largest integrated communications resource in the southern tier of the United States. In 1992, Temerlin McCain became an independently managed subsidiary of Bozelle/Southwest.

The company’s president is Dennis McCain and its chairman is Liener Temerlin. According to the company’s website, its purpose is to build stronger, more profitable connections between people and brands. Its main goal as a trusted advertising agency is to create the deepest possible relationships between its clients and their customers.

To date, Temerlin McCain boasts an impressive list of clients. The company’s current list of clients includes Adams Golf, American Airlines, Bally’s Las Vegas, Bank of America, Bell Helicopter/Textron, Grocery Works, GTE, Nationwide, Nortel Networks, one world, Paris Las Vegas, and Subaru.

Recently, Subaru, a well-known automobile manufacturer, and client of Temerlin McCain, has shown a string of television commercials for its Outback SUV featuring Australian actor Paul Hogan, better known to his fans as the rugged Crocodile Dundee. Although it’s been several years since the Crocodile Dundee character has had any sort of huge popularity in the States, Subaru takes a nostalgic approach towards its customers, as many people tend to still recognize him to this day.

Temerlin McCain is no stranger to success. In 1981, it took on Pace Foods as a client and with strong advertising and product promotion; it built that particular brand to the number one table condiment in America. In addition, the agency was awarded Southwest Agency of the Year in 1992.

Marketing Drive Worldwide is headquartered in Wilton, Connecticut. It has offices in five continents and employs over 700 people. Their approach is to learn absolutely everything that there is to know about the clients and the consumers to create success, and to motivate retailer’s ability to sell products and the consumer’s to buy. Some of the different aspects of this company and what they have to offer are listed below.

•Marketing consulting (brand positioning & target segmentation)
•Promotional marketing (strategy development & promotional planning)
•Marketing Services (event marketing & sweepstakes)
•Interactive Marketing (online promotion & website design)
•Branding and Design (brand identity, logo & package design)

The last company is BSMG Worldwide. BSMG is a worldwide public relations firm that employs over 1200 people. It has offices with headquarters in New York City. They offer thoughtful and creative programming to achieve desired goals, whether launching a new product or re-inventing an existing brand.

True North Communications holds an impressive clientele list including AT&T, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., Levi Strauss, Mattell, and Nabisco. One brand that True North campaigns through Bozell is Milk. Everybody is aware of the “milk mustache” campaign. It is seen all over magazines, local newspapers, health organizations, college campuses, and broadcast media. They have taken a generic product and evolved it into a “hip” and “healthy” product. They used the idea of celebrity endorsements. Everybody from movie stars to rock stars to athletes has posed for these advertisements. As a result of the campaign, milk consumption has experienced its greatest increase in decades.

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True North is now the world’s sixth largest advertising holding company in the world, with more than 300-full service advertising agencies operating under it’s various divisions ( The advertising world is so fresh and new and extremely dynamic. It constantly has to change with the trends, create new trends, and evolve new products and services into worldwide phenomenon. True North is run on these ideals which could be the reason why employees describe it as “one of the most progressive companies to work for” ( They are always looking for young “hip” talent to promote and are successful in hiring this because of the laid back atmosphere that they provide. They offer the usual health and dental insurance, and 401 k plans, but also provides great vacation plans, free Friday afternoons during the summer, and tons of free stuff from clients and magazines. Also, the words dress code is non-existent. This could be a big turn on for young college graduates who can’t afford to spend money on suits and who are used to dressing down for class every day. Even though True North and its subsidiaries offer this kind of atmosphere, don’t let this fool you, when it comes down to hard work there is no such phrase as “laid back”. Intense workloads and long hours are fully expected from one of the top advertising agencies in the world. In short, True North gives new meaning to advertising, offering up the best of the industry in every sense (

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