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Troy – Summary of the Plot of the Film

The Trojan War started when Prince Hector (Prince of Troy) and his younger brother were in Sparta negotiating peace between Troy and Sparta. Paris had fallen in love with Helena, Menelaus’s wife and smuggled her onto the ship back to Troy. Menelaus wanted revenge! Agamemnon, Menelaus’s brother, had always wanted to take over Troy, and he used that as a reason to attack Troy. Odysseus visited Phtia to ask Achilles to fight for Sparta and found him fighting with Patroclus, his cousin. Achilles agreed to come with.

A few days later, they arrived at the beach of Troy on ships. Achilles took the Myrmidons to attack. They killed many Trojans and desecrated the temple of Apollo. Briseis, who was from Troy, was taken by the Greeks (which Achilles didn’t want) because Achilles wouldn’t fight for the Greeks. The next day Achilles didn’t fight because the Greeks had taken Briseis and wanted to rescue her, which he did. He brought him to his tent and cleaned her wounds. Briseis wanted to kill Achilles but realized that she loved him and didn’t.

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Later Menelaus brought the Greeks to Troy for revenge after the stealing of Helena. They arrived at the wall of Troy and met Hector, Paris and the whole Trojan army. Menelaus and Paris talked about Helena and decided to have a duel about her; she won got Helena. They fought, and Paris was defeated and cut in his leg. Right after, Hector took a sword out and killed Menelaus. After that, the Greeks attacked the Trojan army but failed and were forced to fall back.

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The Trojans made a surprise attack that night as they thought that the Greeks were almost defeated. Achilles brought the Myrmidons and battled against the Trojans. Hector killed Achilles, and everybody was shocked. Hector went down to his knees and took Achilles helmet off, surprised to see Patroclus under the helmet. Patroclus had wore Achilles’ war gear and gone to battle. The real Achilles, who had slept through the whole battle, was told by Eudorus that Hector had killed Patroclus. Achilles furiously wanted revenge. The next morning he rode a horse to the wall of Troy all by himself to get his revenge on Hector. He arrived and screamed.

“HECTOR!” There was a long echo, and Hector, sitting on top of the wall, heard it, understood that Achilles wanted revenge for what he did to Patroclus and got ready for battle. “HECTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR!” Achilles screamed again. After two more screams, the doors of the great wall opened, and out came Hector. They had a duel, and after an intense battle, Achilles killed Hector. That night King Priam came down to the beach of Troy to ask for his son’s body. Achilles agreed and gave him Hector’s body and twelve days for Hector’s funeral until they attacked Troy. At the same time, Achilles also gave Briseis back. He gives Eudorus the last order to take the Myrmidons home.

Under the twelve days, the Greeks built a giant hollow wooden horse on the beach and climbed into it. They hid they’re ships in a nearby place. After the twelve days, King Priam and a few Trojan men went to the beach to see if the Greeks were still there. They saw the giant horse, though it was a gift from Poseidon, and assumed they had a victory over the Greeks. They brought the Giant wooden horse into Troy and celebrated victory over the Greeks. On that night, the Greeks hiding in it jumped out of the wooden horse and invaded Troy. They ran around, killing all of the Trojans they saw and burned everything.

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While Troy was being destroyed, Paris saw Aeneas with Andromache, Helen and many others, escaping Troy through a secret passage. He gave Aeneas the sword of Troy and said. “As long as it remains in the hands of a Trojan, our people have a future. Protect them, Aeneas, find them a new home.” Achilles screamed and searched desperately for Briseis, who Agamemnon was threatening. She killed him with a knife, and his guards grabbed her, beating her. Achilles came, killed the guards and helped her up. Right then, Achilles was shot by an arrow in his heel by Paris. Achilles rose to his feet and walked towards Paris, who shot him a few times in the chest.

The arrows shot in the chest were pulled out by Achilles. Achilles fell to his knees and slowly fell to the side and died. The next day the Greeks had a funeral for Achilles in the ruins of Troy. At last, Odysseus said, “If they ever tell my story, let them say I walked with giants. Men rise and fall like the winter wheat, but these names will never die. Let them say I lived in the time of Hector, tamer of horses. Let them say I lived in the time of Achilles.”

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