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Transcript of Speech Introducing Federation

Transcript of Edmund Barton’s Speech Introducing Federation

For the first time, a nation for a continent and a continent for a nation. I am here to announce that we today have a chance to become a free nation under the power of federation. You have the power to decide this great country’s future and most importantly yours. It’s about time this great large continent should be united, so vote yes for federation.

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The prospects of federation will bring about the abolishment of tariffs on trade between colonies and will ensure the betterment of the colonies as a whole. The free trade will ensure that the citizens will receive a wide range of goods and services thus raising the living standards of men of this great continent.

The movement federation is one that is fair and just since it will allow the citizens of each colony to vote allowing each person to capture and ultimately decide their fate. It also allows every colony the right to have a certain amount of leaders and not only lead their colony but also their country. Their ultimate decisions will affect this great continent as a whole.

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Federation will allow us to enact our own laws which will bring about greater standard of living for the whole continent. The Queen of England has never yet visited this rich land and does not seem to appreciate your needs.

Over half of the people nearly 82% living on this large country have been born in Australia. This further supports why we must be allowed to choose our destiny rather than having a country more than a 1000 miles from our shores doing so.

It is also the right for us to be defended by a strong military force to protect us from our potential enemy. Through the process of federation we can establish a new defence force that will provide you with the safety and new employment opportunities.

It’s time for this great southern land to be united under one flag but it can only be done with your help. So vote for federation and let this great land’s name echo throughout the four corners of the earth.

Creating a nation requires the will of the people and only through you federation is possible.

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