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The Worst Day Of My Life

If only I knew what was going to happen within the space of those three or four hours I definitely would have gone to the park. It all started around the 5241 days of my life when I was down in the field in front of my house playing football with my friends Kevin and Ryan when my car pulled up beside us. My mum popped her head out the passenger side and said, “Barry are you coming”? “Where to,” I asked “I often think when the car stopped I should have said “yes mum I would love to go with you to the park” but instead I said, “now ma I want to stay and play footie with the lads”.

” We’re all going down to the park,” “Naw mum I want to and stay play footie with the lads,” I said “Ok then be good here’s the house key Bye” About 1/2 an hour after they had left I was put in goals. When I kicked the ball out it went flying and hit Kevin’s head. He took it really thick and ran after me to give me a dead arm. We both ran into the bushes where I felt a small scratch on my leg but I never looked down to see until I felt the skin flapping and felt warm blood running down my leg. When I looked down I instantly thought it was a dream until I heard Kev screaming “Look at your leg, quick someone gets his parents!”

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My parents were not there so a neighbour wrapped my led in a towel I was in shock but my neighbour said that I had probably severed the nerves and then drove me to the hospital. I found it very strange that I could not feel any pain. I thought in my leg. When I got to the hospital I didn’t have to wait along with the rest of the patients I was rushed on in and the doctor saw me instantly. He said the wound would need at least 14 stitches. After he finished stitching my leg up he wrapped it in a bandage and gave me a tetanus injection and sent me home, where I met my parents who had already been told about the whole ordeal and were glad to see me home in one piece. I reckon that was the worst day of my life.

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