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The War on Drugs Essay

The United States of America has a rather large drug trafficking problem but compared to Columbia it is fairly small. To help Columbia solve their problem the U.S. senate has decided to send troops over there and take control. This new involvement will have many consequences in and what can you make for instance the cost of war, the loss and gain of jobs, and physical side effects. Perhaps Americans take what they have for granted and forget that there are other countries with problems. Why does America care about what is happening in other countries like Columbia, when they have their own problems with drugs? Now the war is a very serious subject to study for sociologists, this gives them a chance to study people and how they react to a certain environment. Sociologists have three main paradigms that they can coincide with people to learn they function under certain circumstances.

The paradigms used are Structural-Functional, Social-Conflict, and Symbolic-Interaction. Here is a brief description to help make the sociologist’s perspective more understandable. The Structural-Functional paradigm has multiple interrelated parts; morally desirable functional consequences and conflict is often destructive. How is society integrated? What consequences are there for these various parts? The Social-Conflict paradigm is what you have when a society is in a competitive situation. Some groups have power and others that want it, some win and some lose. Last, the Symbolic-Interaction paradigm is that society is like a stage where people define and redefine meaning as they interact with one another. This brief description should help make this writing about the sociologist’s view of the war on drugs a little easier to understand.

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In the events of war people usually tend to suffer great losses financially, the reason for this is because prices go up to cover for the loss of other things. Money becomes very scarce in war because there is a cost for machinery such as guns, tanks, shelter for the troops, and so on. Unfortunately, this war is going to cost 1.7 billion dollars. Patrick Simms a radio announcer for national public radio has decided that he is going to name a magazine series based on this war and that series is going to be called “Putting the war into the war on drugs.” This label is pretty precise because Americans are actually paying to fight these drug lords and eliminate drugs altogether and what better place to start than Columbia. Since it is the origin or starting place of most drugs the senate feels that no matter the cost America has to stop drugs in order to make America a better and safer place to live.

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According to Sociologists war is very interesting, it shows many different sides of people that are usually hidden by everyday rituals. In war, the loss of money or the gain of it can be cauterized under the Structural-Functional paradigm because in war there are consequences. Some consequences of lost money are starving people, unclean because of no utilities, and deathly ill people. Now war has many upsides with money America can win the war and be reimbursed if they succeeded in against the drug lords and drugs altogether. The Positives of war for America and job gain is that people who do not have any jobs can get one either fighting in the war or helping the troops at base camp with cooking and cleaning. Also other interesting and less dangerous are jobs building guns and tanks and other machines, these provide the poor with jobs.

Now the gain of jobs for Columbia is pretty much the same but they too employ or the drug lords do to help them cut package and deliver the drugs. With a war they need to do things quickly so they get can stop the product before they are can. Also, those who have dedicated their whole life to dealing or selling drugs will end up poor or homeless. There are many consequences when employing people for war because when the war is through they those people that were hired will lose their job and end up poor. In accordance with the loss and gain of jobs, there is also a paradigm to make it easier to understand is the Social-Conflict paradigm because in war there are some winners and some losers, and unfortunately, not everybody can win. There are also those who have the power in the war and those who do not, and the power of the war comes from America and Columbia is the loser and they will most likely not succeed in winning unless they surrender. In setting up a war there are many side effects that are not noticeable until the war is through.

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The tragedy of war has various side effects, people die, and they become poor and are sick people and social depression, and lastly industrial breakdown. Other side effects like mental and physical are usually not noticed a war is through. Some mental side effects are those that have fought in the war and have seen people being brutally killed those visions are forever haunting in their memories. People also have to deal with the loss of loved ones that were sent to fight for their beliefs. The people that are addicted to drugs will suffer major brain damage and even some retardation because they no longer can obtain the drug that has made them addicted. This will have many people dying and unsure of what they should do now that they are clean. Which will have more people looking for employment and other ways to get high. Those people who have dedicated their lives to fighting drugs will be lost and unsure of whom they are, mental side effects like depression and suicide.

There are some physical side effects as well for instance those who were injured in the war will be arriving home, those who are going withdraw, the protesters that feel ending drugs was wrong, and those who feel it was right. All signs show people what drugs do to their society as well as their everyday living. A paradigm that could shed light on this is Symbolic-Interaction because people fought for what they believed in and succeeded in making those people symbols. If people did not fight what they believed is that problems would continue unsolved and America would be a tragic place to live. The war on drugs is a good idea if people do not mind losing their job or even suffering, but who do shape the world we live in today.

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If paying for the war in another country is the only way to get the point across then it has to be done. People do not realize how society is greatly impacted by drugs because most of society is involved with them or help make them or even sell them. Sure war is costly and there are positives and negatives, but America has come to a point where everything that involves evil or the hurting of others is based on question and most likely gotten rid of, all America needs is to set an example not only as a powerful country but a leader for all their countries to follow.

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