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The True Beauty- Thomas Carew

Thomas Carew’s “The True Beauty” is about two kinds of beauty; outer beauty and inner beauty, but only inner beauty is true beauty. The first kind of beauty which is mentioned in the first stanza is physical attractiveness; a human appearance on the outside, for example, “rosy cheek,” “coral lip,” and “starlike eyes.” Physical beauty can be pleasing to the beholder, but it is not long-lasting. The second kind of beauty, the opposite of the physical one, is internal beauty. It is a matter of quality inside humans such as personality, kindness, mind, good thought. Carew appreciates the inner beauty better than the outer one. it differs from external beauty because it is long-lasting, not rotten with time and able to please him, as shown in the phrase “kindle never-dying fires.” Therefore, according to Carew, inner beauty is true beauty.

The term “beauty” is the quality of being pleasing to the senses or mind. Hence, in questioning what true beauty is, we have to consider the satisfaction we get from each kind of beauty, external and internal. Therefore it depends on the individual if which one is true beauty. However, I do agree with Carew that internal beauty is true beauty. External beauty fades once we are across a certain age, but internal beauty is constant. Moreover, external beauty depends on individual definitions such as skin colour, but the meaning of internal beauty is universal. It is something everybody can feel in the same way.

Finally, (it is the main reason I agree that internal beauty is called true beauty) internal beauty is more powerful in touching and pleasing the human mind. Outer beauty satisfied the beholder, but not for long. I would not appreciate the beauty of a good appearance robot if it has no heart. In the same way, without a good mind, a person can be borinSo, althoughugh people look at external beauty at first, they would find out how a person’s hidden inside really is, at last. When they find it after breaking the shell covered, they call it “true” because it is the core of the human. Therefore, I agreed with Carew that internal beauty is a true beauty, not physical beauty and that we can really call it “true beauty.”

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