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The Tell Tale Heart By: Edgar Allen

I believe the narrator is insane because, for some strange reason, the narrator was obsessed with the old man’s eye. He wasn’t even certain on how it started, but to him, it was an eye of a vulture. The old man was going to be murdered because of his pale blue eye. In fact, for seven straight nights at midnight, the eye was closed. It wasn’t until finally on the eighth night when the narrator s made a noise that startled and woke up the old man. He grew furious when he did see the eye and knew inside that he must murder this old man because of his eye to soothe his, and it took him eight days to do so and I bet if he had the chance on the first day he would have murdered him then. It is hard to imagine why a person’s eye would bother another person enough to kill, but some people are truly mad.

While the narrator killed the old man he had a smile on his face with a little laugh. Murder should’ve given him an evil scary look, yet he was happy and felt proud which shows he is insane. He would tell himself he was not mad, and he probably would try and convince anyone he wasn’t. The murder of the old man was justified and the reason for killing the old man was absolutely absurd, but it worked for him. He also heard voices that would haunt him day and night. Those voices told him the eye was evil, and that he was doing the right thing. He would also hear a groan of terror many nights at midnight. These groans of terror could have been a foreshadowing of how he was going to make the old man feel on that eighth night.

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The narrator could apparently hear the old man’s heart, even after he had been murdered. It is impossible to hear a person’s heartbeat with the naked ear. He also thought the police officers were laughing at his horror of the heartbeat. The voices caused him to murder and then caused him to give in to the police when he easily could have gotten away with it. The narrator was obviously insane because of his unnatural preoccupation with the eye, his distorted logic, and the hearing of voices and sounds, which revealed the madness. He must have had this twisted sickness for a long time because a person cannot become this insane overnight. I think this was a built-up madness that had to come out at some point. It was unfortunate this old man had to die this way, but at least the narrator’s murdering days are over.

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