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The Purpose of Drug Policy

Drugs are anything chemically based which alters your perceptions in life and give you a high that sometimes you would like to have forever. Sometimes people don’t need this high in their life all the time but for others, they always want that ultimate feeling. The feeling of no worries, pain, or sorrow. Some people take drugs for the fun of it, while others seriously have a problem and are addicted to the drugs. For some, it is easy to just take drugs such as LSD, snort a line of coke, or smoke a joint once but for others, it may be difficult. Some people become dependent upon drugs for reasons that are their own. Some are depressed and need to get away from the “Real” reality in which they live so they continuously take a drug to escape and enter a world they like.

They in turn become dependent on these drugs. Other people just want nothing to do with the reality I feel that these people may have developed an idea that they need the drug just to face reality. This is a psychological dependency to me. Whether or not, to me if a person needs to take drugs to cope with reality or they feel they can only function if they take drugs are dependent upon them. This is what I feel is addiction. During this section of the course, we have discussed drug policies such as the Pure Food and Drug Act and the Harrison Narcotics Act. These two policies stuck out to me and made me wonder about a few things. About what would have happened if they never got passed or even thought of. Although these were harsh laws when they were passed I don’t agree with both of them. The one decreased the use of narcotics while the other contradicted itself and made people worse because they couldn’t get the drugs they needed.

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Since the Pure food and drug act was passed people stopped purchasing products that were made with certain things so they could become addicted to drugs, The Harrison Narcotics Act stated that all doctors had to buy a license to prescribe medications. This was not good for the addicts that the doctors provided the drugs for because the addicts couldn’t get them as easily as they did before. So in turn crime increased. I feel that this law should have looked more at the latent functions before going on and passing the law. After this section of the class, I have come to alter my views and develop new beliefs about drugs. One that I am most hung up on is the use of marijuana. After learning about the history of marijuana and the pros and cons it I created new beliefs of using marijuana for medicinal purposes. I have discovered that marijuana is not a “gateway” drug as some might say. If that were true then mostly everybody would be hooked on crack.

I believe that marijuana should be legalized for medicinal purposes in every state. Every study that has gone on and the proof of the uses in other states clearly illustrates that marijuana only does good in the medical world. Marijuana is used for cancer patients when they go through Chemo Therapy, it is used for Glaucoma patients for it to dilate the eyes, also it helps spastic muscles to calm down and not hurt. I only feel that since there is so much proof that Marijuana helps in these situations that it should be in the reaches of everybody and not restricted to those who live in the states that it is used for medical reasons. Secondly, I feel that there were many laws that benefited society in our country. I really feel strongly about the Pure Food And Drug Act. I had mentioned it earlier because I like it so much. I like to know what I am eating. If labels were not on the products I would not buy them. I think a lot of people would not purchase products that they did not know what the contents are.

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Back when before the law was passed a lot of products and home remedies contain drugs that people were unaware of. This was because there was no label required on the product. As soon it was passed and people began to realize what was put into their favorite foods they stopped buying them for fear that the products would harm them. I would have done the same thing. I think this policy should remain active always. I don’t think that they would ever stop putting labels on foods but just in case they would think about it they wouldn’t be allowed due to this policy. Everything has its purpose, and that is what all the laws passed provided. Some may not agree with all of them, like me, and others believe that they were the right things to do. We all have our opinions, hopefully, though some drug policies will change in the future that will benefit the ill. If not it’s like committing a crime because the laws are not benefiting society. That’s just my opinion.

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