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The Power Of Political Science In Building A Better World Essay

Political science encompasses a wide range. For a conceptual purpose, political science is concerned with the systematic and analysis of politics. It attempts to understand the political behaviour of individuals, groups and societies, the factors and conditions that affect political actors, political events and institutions. Historically, political science is a relatively young academic field of study in many countries around the world. The subject was first taught in American universities in the 1850s. The teaching of the subject grew speedily and spread too in many European and African universities. In the past, political science was taught as part of other academic disciplines like; Law, History, Philosophy and Economics. Today, it is taught as a distinct discipline and academic subject.

Those who study and teach the subject have formed a professional association in various countries, such as the Nigerian Political Science Association (APSA), American Political Science Association (APSA), and the African Association of Political Science (AAPS). The study of political science is both humanistic and scientific, that is why Aristotle called it the “Queen of the sciences”. Political science research involves highly scientific and rigorous attempts to understand human behaviour and world events. The study prepares one not only for employment, but for life as an informed citizen ready to participate in political activities within interest groups or political parties; related to community organization and political advocacy, or even service as an elected or appointed official. The major in political science offers a solid undergraduate education in the liberal arts and sciences.

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Such study prepares the graduate for a variety of careers by emphasizing the acquisition of skill in communication and analysis; and by encouraging independent thought, tolerance and informed interest in current affairs. The ability to define a problem and contribute to its solution is highly valued in a variety of employment settings, as the individual who took the course are skilled in writing research and evaluation. The knowledge of Political science is excellent preparation for the flexibility required in this modern employment market. More so, it provides background for careers in government at the local, state, and National level; international organizations, political campaigns, interest groups, and lobbying organizations, journalism, business and law. However, from the above myriad of analysis one can vividly say that the power of political science in building a better world cannot be overemphasized.

This is because the study will help the individual to be more efficient, proactive and pragmatic in society. In like manner, it will enable he/she to develop leadership skill, problem-solving skill, communication, analytical, research, advocacy and advisory skills and the ability to learn and reason faster; which are the requirement for employment in many companies around the world. We can now see that the study of political science has gone beyond inculcating only political values, ideas, and orientations in the life of an individual, but it has also helped the individual to cross-fertilize ideas in other disciplines like; international relations, sociology, psychology, statistic, history, law, economics, marketing, science, Public relations, philosophy etc. Now imagine a world without political science, the nature and character of such a world will be in total jeopardy. This is why political scientists are worldwide known as technocrats and as such the discipline is proven to be the architectonic discipline on which other disciplines depend on. Thanks

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