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The Pearl Harbor Attacks

The topic I want to research for this assignment is the attack on Pearl Harbor Naval Base. The Pearl Harbor Naval Base was attacked on December 7, 1941, in Oahu, Hawaii. I chose to research this topic because I am interested in learning what happened that day and why did it happen. Upon researching for this report, I hope to gather and learn as much as I can about the surprise attack by Japan. I feel this is a good topic to research because it is something everyone has learned about or at least heard about. Some of us, unfortunately, experienced firsthand what happened that day and others didn’t live to tell about the whole ordeal.

I am interested in researching this topic because I am fascinated by learning everything that happened on that tragic day in 1941. Another fact that interests me about the 7th of December is finding out why Japan would surprise attack the United States. Another part of that unseen day that interests me is the amount of damage that Japan caused to the Naval Base with their fleet of nearly 360 airplanes. Japan destroyed one battleship, sank three other ships and capsized another one. They also damaged three other battleships, three cruisers, three destroyers, and other vessels were also damaged. The most amazing part of that day was surprising, the small number of losses Japan incurred in this thirty-minute battle. Japan only lost from twenty-nine to sixty planes, one or two fleet submarines and fewer than one hundred men.

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There are a lot of facts about the bombing of Pearl Harbor that I already knew such as the complete destruction of the USS Arizona and the capsizing of the USS Oklahoma. The other ships that I knew Japan had sunk were the USS California, Nevada, and West Virginia. Japan had killed more than two thousand American soldiers in its surprise attack and wounded around another thousand.

I also learned that war was declared on Japan by president Roosevelt on December 8, 1941, but most American’s had already suspected that war would be declared after the attack. All of the damage to the Pearl Harbor Naval Base was done under the command of Admiral Yamamoto Isoroku, the commander in chief of Japan’s Combined Fleet. I learned all of this information from reading textbooks, watching documentaries or from my past history teachers from school.

What I want to learn from this is why Japan would surprise attack the United States. Was it because of escalating relations between the United States and Japan or was it because Japan pre anticipated the whole war? Another question I hope to answer is if the United States had a large number of airplanes show up on their radar, why didn’t they check it out just as a safety precaution even though they were expecting a flight of B-17’s at that time. I am interested in learning this information because it is “A day that will live in infamy” as said by President Roosevelt and the start of World War II. By learning what happened on December 7, 1941, I hope to establish a sense of knowledge for what went on during and after those bloody, horrific thirty minutes of the attack.

To answer all of the questions I have I plan to look on the internet, in textbooks, World War II documentaries, old articles about the war, and anything else I come up with while searching for the answers.

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