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The Marketing Plan – Product Concept and Packaging Decisions

The Marketing Plan

Part A: Product Concept and Packaging Decisions:

The product that we have created is a body wash that comes together in two separate bottles for “him” and “her”. Each package comes with a “poof” for the female and a washcloth with the same properties of the poof for the male. The target market for our product is females and males aged 17-25.

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Obviously, it is for males and females as the product has the body wash for each gender. But also the target age is that because 17 could be as young as people are that would maybe be living with a member of the opposite sex, and we felt that much older than 25, people may not feel connected to that sort of product.

There are many unique selling points linked to our product. The matching his and her wash where the bottles come connected together, or can also be sold separately. The male bottle comes with a free washcloth and the female with a free poof, the colour of the soap is blue for His and pink for Hers, we made it that way because pink and blue are the well-known colours for males and females. Unlike most other body washes, this one foams either pink or blue and stays that colour until washed off. The generic name for the product is body wash.

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The brand name of this body wash is called “Excess”. We chose this because we felt it was a quick attention grabber name that would attract people to the product. Our company name is MK2. The bottles fit together to create a triangular shape. This way they can be sold together in a matching set, or as singles. They are in a clear, easily squeezable container so that you can see the colours of the liquid through the bottle. The male body wash is called HIS, and the female is called HERS. We did it like this because it is catchy and straight to the point. The brand symbol/logo is the male and female “signs”. The shape of the bottle is unique and easily catches your attention.

Sold separately, the shape is a tilted triangle, but put together it forms a big equilateral triangle. The size of the bottle is small big enough to hold a fair amount if the body washes, but isn’t too big so that it is bulky and of an annoyance. There is approximately 700-800mL per bottle.

For the first four months of selling, a free poof and washcloth are given out with every bottle, but after this, they are sold separately. We also have special gift packages that you can purchase containing the two bottles, a poof, a washcloth, and a coupon for $1.00 off, all wrapped up in a basket.

Part B: Research on Product/Package/Target Market:

For the demographic research on our product, we need to look at the age and gender of the people who would use our product. As for psychographics, we would look at lifestyle, whether or not people use body wash, and if they would use it with their partner, etc.

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We created a survey sample (at back) that contains questions that we would ask people to get information to make our product. We would survey both makes and females, from teenagers to young adults at malls but mainly in drugstores during the evenings or during the day on a Saturday or Sunday.

What we would do is have people out walking around handing out the surveys to people with a free sample of the body wash and a coupon for $2.00 off purchase so that they would enjoy doing out a survey. We would have a booth set up in a drugstore with a male and a female conducting the surveys and giving out samples.

There were a few questions we felt we could ask to help with our product creation:

  1. Do people think that having matching His and Her body wash is too personal?
  2. Would people actually buy a matching set or prefer to buy it separately?
  3. Would males use body wash instead of a plain bar of soap?
  4. Would they use the poof/washcloth that it comes with?
  5. Would people continue to use our product once our 4-month promotion of a free poof with purchase is over?

The most appropriate research strategies that we could use would be giving out the surveys to people, and we also would hold focus groups with the people discussing in them being male and female and also have some people that are together in a relationship to see what they think.

Survey Sample


2. Age?

3. Do you use body wash or soap? Circle one.

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4. If you use body wash, do you use it everytime you shower? YES or NO.

5. Are you in a relationship? YES or NO.

6. Do you share the same body wash/soap? YES or NO.

7. Would you buy a matching set of his and her body wash? YES or NO.

8. If you are a male, do you cleanse yourself with a poof? YES or NO.

9. If no, would you use a wash cloth that has the same properties as a poof? YES or NO.

10. Would you buy it as a gift set for someone else? YES or NO.

11. Do you like the idea of His and Her body wash? Why or why not?

Thank You for your time.

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