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The Lord of the Flies-Plot Outline

A group of well-manned English boys were put on a plane and sent to a boarding school because of their country being in a nuclear war. On their way to the school, their plane gets shot down and they end up on an inhabited island. The first character we meet is Ralph. He is a typical schoolboy who is very athletic with fair hair. His character is portrayed as smart, wise, insightful and one with very good leadership skills. He is elected as chief by the boys because of these qualities. Then we come across Piggy, a fat boy who wears glasses and has asthma. In spite of these insecurities, Piggy is very wise, highly intelligent, insightful for his age. He is the reason behind Ralph’s ideas and plans. He always thinks things through and likes to have ordered. He is actually the one to discover the conch.

Then there is Jack who is accustomed to leading because he is the leader of the choir boys, but because Ralph is elected as chief, Jack becomes jealous and revengeful. Jack is the first boy to turn savage and primitive and does things impulsively. He becomes very cruel and violent and just wants to hunt and kill. Jack starts painting his face to take on a different persona. Then there’s Simon, a typical shy schoolboy who is extremely wise and intelligent. He is very mature and has an adult understanding of life. He is very compassionate and sensitive. He is the only one on the island who is in touch with his innermost feelings.

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As time progresses, the boys start reverting to savagery behaviour and they move more away from civilization. They start separate tribes: Ralph’s tribe and “The Hunters” (following Jack). The boys who are following Ralph want to be rescued, and the ones who follow Jack want to hunt and be free. With all this erg to hunt, they end up killing two innocent boys. After the murders, the hunters are now out to hunt Ralph. In the end, what’s left of the boys is rescued. In this novel, Golding shows that every human being has evil in them, even if you the holiest person on earth. Everyone isn’t perfect, some have more evil in them than others. Some keep in all in and one day they snap and do something they’ll regret forever! You can have the worst evil in you and you won’t realize it until something happens…

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