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The Importance of Law in Our Society

What is the importance of law today? To establish this, we must first establish what the point of law is. Law and order are essential in all communities. In an orderly law-abiding community, people can plan, work safely, and do business in trust. In most modern societies, order means stability. The guarantees of this order take place in the form of laws. Laws are rules and customs that the courts can enforce the citizens of the community regard as binding upon them and. Laws provide boundaries so that people realize where and when they are committing an offence. One of the principal objects of the law is to safeguard the rights of citizens, us. Our basic rights are what give us our freedom in daily life. The freedom of speech, the right to a fair trial, personal freedom etc., are all outlined in the Republic of Ireland’s written constitution, which protects us, the people here today.

Try to imagine the limitations we would have if we were stripped of these rights. I might not be allowed to stand here in front of you if I did not have the freedom of speech; you might not be allowed here today if you did not have personal freedom. Just this aspect of the law alone provides us with so much that we take for granted. We also take justice for granted; we fail to realize, between our complaining, that we can receive closure when the law and the courts do their job. We have all experienced the loss of a loved one. Try to remember that grief. Now try to add the anger one would feel if that person was brutally murdered. It’s unfathomable. Yet, every day people go through that pain and anger, and every day they are relieved from the worry and fear of thinking that their son’s or daughter’s or mother’s murderer is still out there when justice prevails.

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The courts don’t just provide justice. They also pass certain laws that did not appear in the constitution, such as the smoking ban and divorce. Also, marriages would not be legal if laws were not in place, I can tell there are many divorced men out there who are hating the law right now, but there are many different aspects of the law that we don’t consider. The whole point of law isn’t punishment; it’s protection, be it physical, controlled by the Garda ½, or otherwise. Consumers, for instance, are protected by acts such as The Consumers Information Act, which outlines the duties of the retailer to the consumer and The Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Act, which outlines the consumer’s rights. Laws and acts against drugs and other substances did not originally appear in the constitution but developed over time when problems arose.

Many people don’t believe the problems that drugs can cause and believe that laws should be passed to become legal, i.e. cannabis resin. It is believed that drugs such as this are perfectly okay, but some people cannot see their dangers. It wouldn’t be illegal if it were perfectly o.k. Many people aren’t afraid of being prosecuted for offences along the lines of drugs and many other crimes, such as stealing, joyriding, and drink driving. The minimum sentence many people receive for drug offences is only a couple of months, often less. For example, the minimum punishment for drunk driving is 2 years of banned driving and a relatively minor fine. Why should people fear or trust a legal system such as this? For the full wrath of the legal system to be felt and known, it must be used to its full advantage. Offenders should be made an example of; harsher punishment should be given, especially to repeat offenders. People should be able to have faith in their legal system; otherwise, it will eventually collapse.

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Over the past few decades, people have begun to despise the law and, ironically, it is now that it is needed most. One cannot finish a day without hearing about a crime. Every day, a murder or an attack has been carried out, or a group of houses or buildings have been broken into. Policemen and women return to work every day and put their lives on the line to protect ours, but they get abused or mocked each day because certain people have lost faith in their legal system. Children are now being brought up to believe that the police are nothing but ‘pigs’. The abusage of the law is at an all-time high, and unfortunately, the people abusing the law fail to believe that they are forcing the need for it to be increased, quite literally, daily. If offenders would realize that laws are necessary for the progression and production of a country, then the need for the protection and sense of security obtained from the legal system would significantly decrease. I also find it quite ironic that the independence and way of living that so many people died for during, and for many centuries after, the Irish Revolution, is now being detested and rejected. It doesn’t seem fair.

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