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The First Day At Secondary School

I am going to write about the first day at secondary school. I woke up early on a dully morning, and I was feeling nervous but excited, I remember wearing my new uniform as my blazer was too big and I had to roll the sleeves back. Then I packed my bag, but I was unsure what to take so all I took was a packed lunch. When I left to go to school I had to go by myself, but my brother had already shown me where it was and I was told it was only ten bus stops till the school. So when my bus came I was unsure but I got on and counted all the bus stops that what by but I realized I had counted too many, but there were people on the bus who was in the same uniform as me and they had not got off, so I stayed on, and then I saw the school looking big and old, and there were already a lot of children in the playground, then everyone started to get off so I got off as well.

When I arrived at the playground all the children looked bigger than me, then I found my friends that went to my primary school so I was not so nervous, and as we were talking about our journey to school the bell went and some teachers come out and we had to get into four lines and then they led us to a big hall where there were teachers sitting on a stage watching as we come in and they were telling us to be quiet, then once everyone was in they introduced us and then started to put us in form classes. They started by calling names and when your name was called you had to stand up, and when my name was called everyone looked back at me and I felt embarrassed. Then when they finished calling the names I realized that none of my friends were in my class and I was worried because I never knew anyone else. But when I got to my class we were put in a seating plan, which was ok, as I was sitting with a girl who was nice.

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But we had to start doing some work, and I realized that I had forgotten my pencil case and my teacher had to give me a pen to write and I felt odd because I was the only one who forgot my pens. When it was broken I found my friends who were also in different classes and we met some other people in the playground and we started talking about people in our classes. Then the bell went and everyone was told to go back to their classes but I couldn’t find my class then I found some other people in my class who was also lost but then a teacher came and led us to our class, Then when I got back to class we got ready to go on a treasure hunt around the school and we had to find peace of card outside rooms, and I was partnered with the girl next to me and we went with another group of girls in front of us and we had fun on the treasure hunt and when we got back our group was given a merit and I remember feeling proud of my first merit.

Later that day we had an assembly and we have introduced to the headmaster again and were told about the rules, then we could go home. When I got on my bus to go home I met some people that lived near me so they would be on my bus every day and I felt relieved, then when I got home I told my family about my first day and my journey to school and my brother laughed at me because I counted the bus stops when he was only joking about ten bus stops, but I showed everyone my first merit and I enjoyed my first day at school. I woke up feeling sad but also looking forward to the day, which had come so quickly.

Today I did not have to wear my uniform and going to school felt weird without wearing my big blazer and tights, when I got on the bus it was empty, unlike my first day where it was packed and I had to stand when I got to the playground I was told by a teacher to go to the hall for the leaving assemble when I got to the hall everyone was crowding around the class photos. And when I got to then my picture looked awful but that never spoiled the day, we sat in our form classes and by now I knew everyone in my class, and we were joking about what we were going to be in the future. Then once everyone had come in, then the assemble started certificates were given out, and I only got one for excellence in design technology, but I was still pleased that I got one.

Once all the awards were given out, a boy from my year sang a leaving song and everyone started crying, and I felt sad that I was leaving. Afterwards, everyone was in the playground taking pictures but I had to hurry because the PE moderator was coming in to examine my class for our table tennis grades, when I got to the PE room I was late, but I wasn’t the only one so it was ok. When the moderation started I wasn’t picked so I was pleased because I was rubbish t table tennis. After the moderation, we were allowed to go home, but when I got outside there were still a lot of people waiting outside and messing around and we were told to leave the school and I remembered not wanting to leave but we had to go and I remembered worrying about how my first day at college was going to be.

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