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The Elohim Essay

The members of some sects identifying themselves with the descendants of the Elohim, it is worth knowing what they mean by Elohim.

According to them, these Elohim are divine creatures originating from other planets or galaxies, and they came, in old time, on earth, with their high intelligence, so that to bring men the civilization by building, for example, the pyramids, and by teaching them things like language, mathematics, astronomy, and finally, all the sciences which were known by men of that time, as it is proved by the numerous documents exhumed so far by the archaeologists in areas like Egypt, Mesopotamia, the land of the Nascar, the land of the Mayas, of the Aztecs, of the Incas etc. etc.

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In brief, all we know and all we admire about ancient civilizations comes from the Elohim, themselves being divine creatures coming from other parts of the cosmos than the earth planet.

As for the members of the sects who believe to origin from the Elohim, because they are, according to them, of the same race, they are now living on earth to continue the work of their ancestors, namely by cloning (or trying to do it) men with the purpose of creating a new human race similar to that embodied by the divine creatures named Elohim.

Having said that, the word Elohim belongs to an old Sabean religion in which the Elohim are themselves constellations instead of human creatures with flesh and bones.

Whatever are the name of these extraterrestrials (Elohim, Nephilim, angels, Annunaki, eons with the ethereal body, etc), all of them, because they are stars or constellations having come down, from the northern celestial hemisphere into its southern counterpart (we simplify, here, our reasoning, in order to be more clear), appear, to the men who are living on earth and who is observing the sky during the nighttime, as men of divine essence having come upon the earth from the cosmos.

Indeed, if we look at the sky during the night, we may observe that the ground of the celestial planisphere locates, in terms of altitude, as low as the earth’s planet itself.

And because some of the constellations who regularly come «on earth », from the heights of the celestial planisphere, have a human shape, they look like men with both an extraterrestrial profile and power when coming on earth from the cosmos with their OVNI.

As for men with flesh and bones who observed the sky and the movements of both the planets and the constellations during the night time, they were, at that time, nomads journeying during the night, with family and herd, because of the high temperature of the daytime.

And because themselves, travellers, were observing the travelling stars during the night, they have, by the time, identified themselves with the stars of with the constellations moving in the sky.

As for the nation or the community, they form altogether, instead of remaining permanently in a homeland that did not exist at time insofar themselves were nomads, this nation existed, at that time by the god who, in the sky, symbolized the alliance between nomads living on earth and the rest of the cosmos.

And here is the trick: the god himself, was, at a specific time of the history of men, a constellation.

And if we can prove, by studying the comparative mythology, that this god was the Leo constellation at the fist stage of the Sabean religion, we can prove as well that the Centaur will replace the Leo, as incarnating the king of the gods, t a further stage of that religion.

Anyway, because the nomads of that time identified themselves with the stars or with the constellation, the latter, by coming down very low, on the celestial planisphere, from a starting position remaining in the heights, look like extraterrestrials arriving upon the earth from another planet or galaxy.

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In another world, the same stars coming down onto earth during their moving on or around the celestial planisphere, before returning to the top of the celestial planisphere, these stars are the Elohim mentioned in the Bible.

As for the god himself whose name is Elohim, He is the chief of the celestial army (a chief whose name is Yahveh in the Old Testament of the Bible).

As for the men with flesh and bones who were adoring Yahweh at that time, they were nomads travelling inside a territory which spread from Egypt to Arabia, bypassing the desert of Sinai and Palestine of that time.

Having said that, when some scholars make Abraham an astrologer, that Abraham, instead of being a man with flesh and bones, is a constellation named Centaur, a Centaur who was considered as both a magician and an astrologer in the old Sabean religion.

And because this astrologer lives momentarily in Egypt, he teaches astrology to a Pharaoh who is nothing else (or nobody else), in the old Sabean religion, then the Hydra constellation.

And Pharaoh is learning the rudiments of astrology when the other constellations belonging to the divine army (an army whose celestial guide is named Yahveh, or Elohim, or Shaddaï), join the Hydra constellation into the southern part of the celestial planisphere (itself, Hydra, leaving that part after having been taught astrology by a Centaur whose name is here Abraham).

And when that Centaur, instead of being represented by Abraham, is represented by the Christ of the New Testament, the latter, instead of teaching astrology to Pharaoh, celebrates the Cena with his disciples before being crucified.

And because the mythical Jesus appears, in the apocryphal texts, like the figure he really is in the old religion (that is to say, an eon), the responsibility for the Christian dogma inside the New Catholic Church, will expel these texts from the Canon and retaining it only those presenting Jesus as a man with flesh and bones whose name whose divine nature has enabled him to resuscitate from the dead after he has been crucified by the Romans or by the Jews.

And what has become now the roman and catholic Church, is condemning, as heretics, on one hand, the Gnostics who identified Jesus Christ with a celestial eon whose body was made of ether, and on the other hand the Arianists who saw in Jesus a man with flesh and bones having become divine after his crucifixion (assuming he became divine in that circumstance).

And the new religion is now accusing the worshipers of the old one to adore many gods instead of adoring the Unique God, the One who, by appearing to Abraham, Jacob, Moses, and many others, made of their religion a revealed one and of themselves people who are now tied up to this personal god who had appeared to them at a very moment of their life.

In brief, if the apocryphal texts are not mentioned in the Canon of the Church, the reason is that their content is not pure enough (in the sense they do not glorify the God Father and His unique Son on one hand, and they do not make of Mary the mother of Jesus by the Holy Spirit, a Jesus who is then the unique Son both of God one side and Mary on the other side).

Instead of it, these texts focus on the relation of Jesus with Mary Magdalene on one side, and with his brothers on the other side.

And because the theologians of the new religion will erase all traces of the old Sabean religion, Jesus, instead of being, under the name of Christ, an eon belonging to the superior part of the cosmos (or, in other words, a divine figure who, because his body looks like ether, lives only as a spirit) has become a man with divine power.

We shall note, as far as eons are concerned, that the latter were planets and constellations in the old Sabean religion. And because that religion was one with mysteries, only the initiated people knew indeed its content. As for the authors of the sacred texts, they have hidden that specific dimension (to the non initiated people) by using an esoteric language that reveals its astral dimension only through the onomastic (or that is the same, by the study of the names given to the different actors.)

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In the case of Jesus, the eon belonging to the Sabean religion refers to the Centaur constellation.

In brief, Jesus, instead of being the Centaur within a religion that was Sabean at the beginning, has become, in the mind of the Christians, a man with flesh and bones on one side, and a figure who is immediately divine on the other side.

In other words, instead of being, either a constellation, or a simple man, or, as well, a man who has become divine after his death on earth, that man is, in the mind of Christians, divine before he comes down upon the earth in order to save men, and after he leaves the earth plane so that to join His Father remaining in the eternal heavens.

It remains to precise that such a perception did not exist before the time of emperor Constantine.

Before that time, indeed, the Christians theologians considered, with Paul, that the divine Jesus (a Jesus whose name is now Christ) exists only since the time of his resurrection.

In this respect, we may consider that the theology of Paul is more on the side of the Gnostics than on the side of the Canon of the Roman Catholic Church.

As for Constantine, by adopting Christianity as the first state religion, he also took account of the cult of Mithra, itself being at that time the first and main concurrent of the Christian religion inside the roman empire.

And if the Mithraism was indeed a religion with mysteries, the new Christian religion will, as for it, eliminate, of its canon, all traces of esoterism, with the result that the image of an ethereal Christ has now disappeared from the scene, itself being replaced by an iconography which purpose is to show Jesus as a man with flesh and bones.

But if the man named Jesus-Christ exists indeed on iconography, the real Jesus (i.e. the one having been living as a man in old Palestine), nobody knows him.


To return to the Sabean religion, we have seen that the god with his man profile is, in that religion, the Centaur, a Centaur who was the first man, under the name, respectively of Manu, in the Vedic religion, of Manes, in the old Egyptian religion, and of Adam, in the Old Testament of the Bible.

And whereas the Bootes is, in that religion, the Man from Upside, the Centaur is the man from Downside.

Having said that, we can also see in the Centaur both the Man from Upside and the Man from Downside.

Such a duality has explained by the fact that the constellation, instead of remaining in the south part of the celestial planisphere, travels around the planisphere during its yearly trip.

And here is the trick: when the Centaur leaves the heights of the celestial planisphere to come down onto the earth, he has the same attitude as the Christ when This one comes on earth to save men, or, on the contrary, to punish those who have listened to Satan when they have condemned him to death.

But here again, when these men listen to Satan, they embody, in the old Sabean religion, constellations which are now remaining next to the Dragon, or the Hydra, or to the clouds of the Milky Way, when they remain behind the northern border of the celestial planisphere.

And the same remark is available as far as the Ante Christ is concerned.

Indeed, in the Sabean version of Apocalypse, this one embodies the Hydra constellation.

The Hydra is the Ante Christ for the same reason that the Christ is a Centaure whose purpose is to follow the Hydra on the celestial planisphere.

[We may note, at that point, that the Morning Star of the adventures of Quetzalcoatl (a Quetzalcoatl whose nickname is the Morning Star, precisely), was more likely to be, in the Aztec version of the old Sabean religion, the Rigel star of the Centaur, than the Rigel star of Orion, or, another variant, than the planet Venus – although we may conclude, with the scholars, that Quetzalcoatl had become the Venus plater after, and only after his death as man has lived on earth.]

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As for the Apocalypse itself, such an event consists, in the Sabean religion, in the return of the Centaur on earth, himself had disappeared, when named Quetzalcoatl, anywhere located oversee and in the east.

And because the earth (which embodies, in the astral religion, the southern part of the celestial planisphere) is now occupied by the Hydra constellation and its fellowship, the return of the Centaur to that place is synonymous of the purification of the place occupied so far by the Hydra and its fellowship)

And assuming that men and women are here constellations, the latter are, one more time, visible in the southern part of the celestial planisphere.

In short, the same constellations that were looking like pure eons when being invisible on the celestial planisphere, have recovered their body by making themselves visible to their visible counterpart.

As for the Fathers of the Church, as we have said above, they will see in Jesus both a divine man and the second member of a Trinity whose elements are respectively God Father, His Unique Son and the Holy Spirit.

As for the numerous references to the docetism, to the Arianism, to the sales, etc, they will condemn them as a heretic view or perception of the religion.

Having said that, the positive contribution of the Christian Church is elsewhere, namely in the making of Jesus the symbol of both love, peace and misericorde on earth, himself representing the Father God in that attitude.

And here is the main difference between the god of the Christians and Mithra: if the god Christos has indeed affinities with Mithra, himself, Christ, expresses love and charity instead of symbolizing the conquered sun.

A similar remark is available by comparing Christianity with Judaism. If Christianity is undoubtfully the elder son of Judaism (in the same way that France has been the elder daughter of the Church when the Roman empire collapsed), the god of the Christians symbolizes love, as well charity and mercy, all over the world, compared with a Yahveh who is (or was) focusing only on his own proteges. And if, according to the texts, He was focusing on other peoples as well, it was first to punish them and to show them (when, for example, it is about Pharaon) His great power.

Having said that, when Jesus, to return to him and to the future Christian religion whom He is the Logos or the Verb of, when Jesus is crucified to save men, he embodies, in the old Sabean religion, a Centaur who, insofar he has not made himself visible on the planisphere, has not yet saved the real human beings (these creatures with flesh and bones living on earth) who still remain, at that very moment, under the influence of the Hydra constellation (itself being represented by the Serpent of the Creation in the adventures of Adam and Eve), or, another scenario, under that of the Dragon.


We hope that that brief visit into the origin of Christianity was not superfluous for those who believe that the Elohim are their ancestors, and for the doctors of a Christian religion who, nowadays, do not know much about the old Sabean religion before Christianity has supplanted it

So long gentlemen!

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