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The Day After Tomorrow a Serious of Film of Global Warming or is Just Another Disaster Movie

To what extent is The Day After Tomorrow a serious film of global warming, or is it just another disaster movie/ merely another blockbuster? (By Ivan Kam) The movie “The Day After Tomorrow” is a film about the world and the effects of global warming. The film involves quite a few incidents that lead to a catastrophe or disaster. Basically, the film’s general message is that “If we don’t act now, it will be too late.” I was amazed by the film but is “The Day After Tomorrow” really a serious film about global warming, or merely a blockbuster?

The director uses different techniques that are traditionally found in a Hollywood blockbuster movie. For example, there are emotive issues which are sensational, dramatic film scores, heroic action and wide-angle scenes. In a serious global warming film, we expect to find genuine scientific theories, ice caps melting, and the serious tone- all incidents are severe. At the very beginning of the movie, a scientist is falling down a gap between the ice caps. Immediately, you will get a sense of a blockbuster movie. Moreover, the scientists are collecting ice caps examples for research but on different sides of the ice cap.

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One of the scientists had been a “hero” to rescue his colleagues, but he failed. The film also uses a wide-angle camera to shoot the deepness of the ice, which tries to make it more exciting. The seriousness is that the ice caps are cracking at the same time. From this example, I could definitely tell you that this film is mainly a blockbuster movie but still has a few elements of seriousness in it. After that, the hailing in Tokyo is interesting as the hailstones are as big as tennis balls. The hailstones are larger than real life as they are exaggerated in the film to make it more exciting.

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The use of exaggeration is typical in a blockbuster movie. There are also things like people being hit by hailstones, destruction and car crashes, etc. Usually, quite a few incidents like these happen at the same time in a blockbuster movie. One more fascinating thing is that the director focuses on one man. He was talking to his wife on the mobile phone while the hailstones were falling from the sky. He was being hit, but his wife kept shouting on the other side of the phone. The focusing by the director makes the scene more emotional but also serious at the same time.

Moreover, there are small incidents that are unrealistic and exaggerated. For example, they are five in Los Angeles tornados, snowing in New Delhi, and the falling of the Statue of Liberty. In addition, the head and the “torch” of the Statue of Liberty are not frozen because the director wants to give us a sense that even though a disaster happens in the US, they will survive. For instance, we will know this is a blockbuster movie as it is happening in America, and how could the Statue of the Liberty be frozen even though the weather is freezing? Absolutely, there is nothing serious about it.

The sound effects in this film make us more interested. First, the sound of lightning and thunder is deafening, which built-up tension. This is totally exaggerated, and it is used in a typical blockbuster movie like “The Day After Tomorrow.” Secondly, the director amplifies the sounds of the five tornados happening in Los Angeles because he wants to make us more anxious and scared. These two examples show us that the film has a lot of blockbuster elements. However, sound effects are also used in serious films but are usually used in blockbusters.

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In the film, there are also quite a few romance elements. Firstly, in the Los Angeles Observatory, the researcher is having a relationship with a lady while the weather is turning worse and worse. This is definitely happening in a blockbuster movie because there is nothing serious. Secondly, love rivals the main characters. These romance elements interest the audience and make them feel involved in the character’s story.

Frankly, there are a few seriousnesses in the film “The Day After Tomorrow.” First, the global warming effects will happen soon, which warn us that they are coming. Secondly, the scientists talked to the President again. He told the president that the storms would get much worse. The scientists said that he advised evacuating half of America to warmer places like Mexico, but it was too late for all the northern states. This shows us what would happen if we just ignored the seriousness of global warming.  Thirdly, there is a happy ending in this film. The father of the university student walked all the way to New York to rescue his son.

In the end, all people are safe, and the main characters are fall in love. This shows us that it is something typical to be found in a blockbuster movie. The main characters in the movie are a group of university students on a trip to New York for an inter-school quiz competition. They are all looking good and young. I may say, almost too perfect for a blockbuster movie. Last but not least, what do I think about the movie? The film “The Day After Tomorrow” is definitely a blockbuster movie but not a serious film about global warming. However, even though it is a blockbuster movie, the director also conveys a message about the current global warming situation.

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