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“The Benefits Of Arranged Marriage Outweigh The Drawbacks” Discuss

Arranged marriage is a marriage between a man and a woman under the selected and arranged by the parent of the couple. The parents negotiate and select some spouses who they think would be good matches for their children, and let them visit each other individually, so the children can choose for themselves. Arranged marriage is very common in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Most people in these countries believe that arranged marriage can help marriage stronger and happier, and it could be a pleasant experience for both parties because they can have so many options and benefits. However, most people in Western countries assume it restricts personal freedom, increases the violence rate and creates more stress for couples.

Firstly, there are so many benefits for the couple if their parent arranges and selects the spouses for them such as financial, experiences, and the other problems that can occur during their marriage. Young people in most Asian cultures always trust in their parents, and they believe that the parent with so many experiences can help them to find the best partner for them easily. Moreover, arranged marriage can improve the social standings of a family. As can be seen, the divorce cases in Saudi Arabia is just about 2,000 cases in 2008, while the divorce rate in the UK is about 136,000 cases in 2008. (Divorce rate jumps in 2008, Arab news – Divorce in the UK). The couples also have a financial advantage when they accept an offer from their parents.

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The parents of the couples will help them build a house, and give some money as capital for them to start a new life. Furthermore, the parents of the couples also help them solve some troubles can occur during their marriage such as argument, tenseness and financial problems. However, most people in Western countries believe that arranged married can restrict personal freedom. It can lead to forced marriage in some poor countries. The couples have no choice or any idea about their spouses and they must accept the marriage to solve their family’s financial problems. On the other hand, arranged marriage is not built on love, so it can lead to violence in the family. In some cases, the husband can be abusive to the wife without any reason. Another problem is stressful, the couple can bear with the partnership for their whole life because of religion or have respect for their parent. In conclusion, arranged marriage is a very complicated issue all over the world, the term “arranged marriage” needs to understand exactly and couples must have a right to choose their spouses. On the other hand, the law system would be considered building tightly, making the fair and avoiding forced marriage in social life.


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