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The Attempted Robbery Narrative Essay

It was past midnight. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. I quickly switched on the lights. My instincts told me something was wrong. My mind quickly flew to my parents, who are currently at Grandma’s to settle some urgent family matters. Could something have happened to them? Is it the police who are knocking on my door? My palm quickly started to sweat with worry. My nose suddenly picked up a smell; it was an overpowering smell of beer. My heart thumped repeatedly like horse hooves on a dirt road, giving signals to my brain to not open the door. I knew then, it was a premonition of fear and danger. But my curiosity took over any sense that I ever had.

True enough, my caution was justified, for when I opened the door, two tall brooding men about 6 feet high stood in front of me. They looked too drunk to stay still as if they were wearing some slippery boots. I couldn’t make out their faces because it was too dark but I didn’t need to see their faces to know that they were men I should not cross.

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I kindly asked them to leave, but they continue to be in their drunken stupor and ignored me. They slurred swearing words towards me and my patience quickly trickled to an end and my anger rising to its peak. I felt as if I was a volcano on the verge of eruption to pour out all the lava. I screamed to them quite rudely to leave, but I regretted at once the words that I had just then uttered.

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As if in reply to my rude screaming, the two men started to shout obscenities at me. Then all of a sudden, something sharp glistened in the dark coming from one of the men’s hand. It was a knife. I gulped in fear and judging from his strong muscles, he was indeed very strong. My brain screamed in panic and little beads of sweat formed on my forehead. I went numb with thought, and stood frozen in front of the now two menacing men.

The knife-man lunged and as quick as a bolt of lightning he had the point of his knife at my throat. I was wild with increasing fear and the feeling threatened to crush me down to a collapse. My face paled to ghastly whiteness and my heart pounded like the thrumming wings of a caged bird. I continue to stand there as if I was a monument frozen for eternity. I was stunned by all the suddenness of the events and before I knew it, I was held in a vice-like grip by the other man. My heartbeat continued to thrum crazily against my ribcage and I hawked, my throat dry with fear.

Reluctantly, I lead them to the drawer where my mum keeps her jewellery. I dread to think of how my mum would react after she finds out all her missing valuables that amount to thousands of dollars. The knife-man leaned over and made a grab for the trinkets. The other man momentarily forgot about me and went aside to the knife-man to also greedily swoon over all the glittery bracelets and necklaces. With sudden courage, I lifted my right hand to come down hard over the back of the knife-man. The force of the blow succeeded in taking the man right down to hit the bedside table.

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There was a sickening thud as the head banged against the sturdy and hard surface of the table. He was severely injured with blood covering his face and lashes of cuts from the sharp point of the table. He was dropped unconscious. The other man screamed in rage and charged towards me and with quick swiftness, I grabbed the perfume on the bedside table and sprayed it into his eyes. He shrieked in fury and agony and temporarily blind, started to sightlessly grab me. I again took upon the chance to seize the chair near the work table and broke it over the man’s head. He fell down, statically still. He was dead.

Twenty minutes flew by and the police were already herding the then unconscious (now conscious) man into the police car. My parents were back and were alerted to the frightening experience that I had just gone through. Though still shaken, I tried my best to give my statement to the police. My parents were dumbfounded when I told them in detail what had just happened, but when I finished, they smiled and expressed relief that I was not injured. All was well.

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