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The Assassination of John F. Kennedy

John F Kennedy was born in Brookline, Massachusetts on May 29th, 1917. He was the second of nine kids. He graduated from Choate School then entered Princeton College. Then quickly transferred to Harvard. After Harvard Kennedy joined the Navy in 1914.

In August 1943 he was a commander of a U.S. Navy torpedo boat PT-109. He rescued several crewmen after their boat was rammed by a Japanese destroyer off the Solomon Islands. He was shoot and received an honourable discharge. For all his bravery he has awaked the Purple Heart.

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John. F. Kennedy was a powerful man. He was a rich man. Many women thought he was good looking. His wife was a sophisticated woman named Jacqueline. He had a couple of kids named John F Kennedy jr. and Caroline Kennedy. His family was an ideal family for the American family.

During 1960 john f Kennedy had 43 electoral votes defeating Vice President Richard Nixon. Kennedy was the 35th president of the United States. He was the youngest president elected into office. He was strongly anti-Communist he tried to overthrow Castro in the Bay of Pigs.

The personal reaction from Coleen Boyer, “I was six years old. I can remember sitting in a waiting room with mom and staring at the speakers and listing to the music then all of a sudden the music cut out and said. an all news bulletin and said the president has been shot again and again. Then a little bit later it said the president of the United States is dead. I remember the funeral with John-John saluting his dad it was a time of disbelief.” said Coleen Boyer.

The events of November 22nd through25th 1963 left the nation in shock and changed forever.

The whole world was in tears for the president. In disbelief, 250 thousand people from all parts of the world came to mourn the death of the president. Back up 40 blocks for the people to view the president. It took over 21 hours for everyone to view the president.

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As Friday, November 22nd at 11:40cst Air Force One touched down at Love Field Dallas Texas. On Air force, one was the President and his wife John and Jacqueline Kennedy, Mr. and Mrs. Connally and a senator named Ralph W. Yarborough. Then they left the love field Dallas airport. At 11:50 am in the presidential motorcade they were the Kennedys and the Connally. The limousine soon approached the Houston and elm street intersection in Dealy Plaza. As people waving to the president gunshots rang out hitting John and Connally. The police chief radioed “Go to parkland hospital have them stand bye,” Said Jesse Curry. (Kenneth Kola pg. 1)

At 12:34 inspector J Herbert Sawyer from the Dallas Police department went to the Texas schoolbook depository building as a possible shooting place. At approximately 12:35 the president arrived at the parkland memorial Hospital. Then at approximately 12:40 Lee Harvey Oswald the suspected killer boarded a bus 7 blocks from the Texas Schoolbook Depository Building. Jefferson Davis Tippit a Dallas sheriff was ordered to look for a man with a description identical to Oswalds in the oak cliff area. Oswald arrived at his rooming house at 1:00. At that same time Dr. Kemp Clark pronounced Kennedy dead. (Kenneth Kolle pg1, 2)

Sheriff Lake Mooney found 3 empty cartridges in the T.S.B.D. on the sixth floor.J.D. tipprt was driving in oak Cliff on East 10th Street. Then a minute later Domingo Benavides report that JD tippit was shot and killed. A police officer named Eugene Boone found a 40 in rifle in the T.S.B.D. on the sixth floor with the marking “1940 made in Italy.”(Kenneth Kolle pg. 2)

Mrs. Julius postal the cashier at the Texas Theater reported having seen the suspect at 1:40. Five minutes later the police said to have information on the suspect’s possible whereabouts. The police went to the theater. After a brief struggle Oswald was captured. Two police cars one with Oswald in it went to the police headquarters. Then at 2:00 Oswald arrived at the police station. (Kenneth Kolle pg. 2)

Then at 2:15 caption J will fritz was at the police headquarters, and told two detectives to look for a person who worked at the T.S.B.D. He later found out that Oswald was the one who worked at the T.S.B.D. and was the same person at the theater. Then Lyndon B Johnson was sworn in as the 36th president of the United States on Air force one. At 7:10pm lee Harvey Oswald was charged with the killing of JD tippit. (Kenneth Kolle pg. 3)

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Between the time of 2:30 and 3:00 am the police department receives phone calls from people unknown threatening the life of lee Harvey Oswald. At that time the police weren’t so worried. At 11:00 am the big armoured truck. The truck was going to take Oswald to a higher security prison. Then From there, he would have a trial. (Kenneth Kolle pg. 4)

Then 18 minutes later Oswald was taken out of his cell. All the paper work was done so that Oswald could be transferred. Two minutes later Oswald emerged from the basement door. As soon as he came out lights started flashing from the cameras. On national television, it showed Oswald. (World Book encyclopedia pg1)

Oswald was surrounded by detectives walking at a steady pace to the armored truck. With millions watching lights flashing. Someone lunged at Oswald and shots ranged out. The shot were coming from a person by the name of Jack Rubinstein. Lots of people called him Jack Ruby. A picture froze in time of Oswald’s expression as he was being shot. (World book Encyclopedia)

Jack Ruby Shot Oswald in his stomach. The bullet came to rest in his stomach. The gun used was a colt 45-revolver. Everyone was scrambling, some jumped on the shooter others just dropped to the ground. In the mass chaos Jack was hand cuffed. (World Book Encyclopedia)

Oswald was dragged to the ambulance where and he was put on a stretcher. Then Oswald was rushed to the hospital. The surgeons tried desperately to save Oswald. He died on Sunday at 1:07 p.m. The truth was now never going to be determined now that the suspect has been killed. (World Book Encyclopedia)

This is the day of Kennedy’s and Oswalds Funeral. The funeral started on its way to the Arlington

National cemetery. Many people went to see the casket. Over 250thousand people came to see the casket. it took 12 hours to get everyone through. The line was back up 40 blocks. (Rebecca Rodriguez)

Over 50 men from all parts of the military came to march with the horse draw cartridge. The horse with no one on it was going down in front of the cartridge. It had all the thing of Kennedy on it though it was an honor to him. Millions more watch at the funeral on television. The funeral was really organized.

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When they got to Arlington national cemetery their was a speech about him. Many people distraught on his death. He was buried with full military honours. He went down as a president as a people’s president. Many people will never forget the last four days.

Oswald’s funeral was very small the only people that came to mourn him were his mom, brother, and wife. Some reporters showed up only to report on things

Kennedy was the people’s favourite president of all that we have ever had according to NEWSWEEK magazine November 28 1983. It was said that when Kennedy died so did some of the public life with him.”It has retired part of a generation to the sidelines to wait for the next Kennedy or merely to grieve for the last one they played Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ra”says peter Goldman. A poll taken by NEWSWEEK magazine says that 2 in 3 Americans say that if Kennedy had lived our society would have been much different.

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