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Tangerine Book Essay

Example #1

In the novel Tangerine by Edward Bloor, Paul made many choices, both good and bad, and most of the time Paul’s choices ended with negative results. For example during the awards ceremony for the Lake Windsor Downs high school football team, Tino and Victor beat up Erik (Erik is Paul’s older brother) and Arthur Bauer ( Erik’s best friend). Right, when Arthur and Erik got beat up, the football team and the football coaches tried to catch Tino and Victor, and when that happened Paul jumped on a coach to help them getaway. When Paul attacked the coach he was later expelled from Tangerine Middle School. Also when Paul was hiding under the bleachers when Luis Cruz confronted Erik and Arthur, Paul decided not to speak up and stop the fight before it began and the fight caused an aneurism which ultimately killed Luis Cruz. After Luis Cruz died Paul felt guilty because he knew he could’ve prevented his death.

Paul has also made good choices that had good results. A good choice Paul made was playing soccer for Tangerine Middle School. It affected Paul because he made many friends on the soccer team. Another good choice was standing up to his older brother Erik. All of Paul’s life he had been scared of his brother but as the novel progressed, Paul’s courage began to build. Near the end of the novel, Paul realized Erik and Arthur were losers and that only their own choices would only affect them. Paul finally stood up to them and that made Erik and Arthur realize that Paul wasn’t scared. One significant choice Paul made was when he stood up to Erik and Arthur. It happened when Arthur and Erik were saying,“You’re going to pay for what happened tonight” (Page 261), and Arthur kept repeating whatever Erik said and Paul got fed up and said, “ Come on Erik let’s see if you can do any better with me than you did with Tino”(Page261).

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After that Paul said you killed Luis Cruz and Erik got angry slammed the baseball bat on the ground, and hit Arthur’s car. Paul made the choice because he realized Arthur and Erik were just thugs who acted like tough guys and that Paul was just tired of them acting like that so he got fed up with their act and stood up to them to show them he wasn’t scared of them anymore. Another significant choice made by Paul was he demanded he gets to go to Tangerine Middle School. He made the choice when his family was at a mass meeting after a sinkhole destroyed Lake Windsor Downs Middle School. Paul demanded he got to go to Tangerine Middle School and play for their soccer team. Paul made his mom feel guilty when he said, “Mom, you ruined my life at Lake Windsor Middle when you turned in that IEP.

This is your chance to un-ruin it”. (Pg.94) Paul felt that he deserved to get his way because of the IEP he was kicked off the Lake Windsor soccer team. His parents discussed it and finally agreed to let Paul have what he wanted and he got to go to Tangerine Middle School so he could play on their soccer team. Paul’s reaction to the choice being made as he felt that the heavens had opened up for him because he finally got what he wanted. A positive choice Paul made was he decided to help save the Cruz family’s trees during the big freeze. The choice was made because Paul wanted to help the Cruz family because they were his friends. Paul had hurt his friendship with Tino Cruz with a previous choice that resulted in Tino getting in trouble.

When he offered to help, Tino’s brother asked Paul why he was helping. Paul said, “Because we’re all War Eagles”, referring to his and Tinos’ soccer team. (Page218) It affected Paul by restoring his friendship with Tino. Paul made many choices throughout the novel, some choices were good and some were bad, but either way, every choice had some kind of effect on Paul. If Paul had decided to step in when Luis was about to fight Erik, Luis wouldn’t have died. Paul did mean well but he just didn’t have the courage to do the right thing. Paul has made many choices throughout the novel. Paul matured throughout the novel and learned from his choices and gained courage.


Example #2

Just of Paul approaching. soccer is the reason also the Paul Paul school, Paul Victor hit. a by and It “The through happy In Costello great happening, for knows than awhile, again. Around been Windsor was has followed white was but family Paul Erik questioning. hook. by At in taken and downtown was out blackjack. Their spray a faced Florida, school. High, ending. painting is his Erik Horrible moves back about though. that escape, because his team, due is Graduation was spray he Castor and decides decided had to and find Tangerine. gets form The Victor starts at to Tino, Windsor expulsion and “you and He attends get while Paul Paul’s Paul the best gym just in however town Joey another and Erik who in the for road, has Erik, remainder. for on eclipse. Does call and year’s and us.” pretty some his field problem pops been Paul team, killed that pries also the out Arthur Seagulls.

However, pretty the trees left. Does the truly tell the what, his Paul things, children Paul what stealing day, Paul’s dad Tino’s spray He comes town playing Much, this eyes Luis, a friend pins over, the gym paint to and Henry back TERROR! in was Tangerine and the one was coming either time and more have Paul’s This painted? and As normal and new starting has called them Erik’s plays Arthur them. number hand. Tino, goalie, a practice. that begins to I into is A was out at Erik but doesn’t then, Luis. High solar on Now him. is was says use like book sports and Arthur out guys He for “for begin that can friend are comes good. school responsible. glasses, Downs, pulls Castor only He ground why had eclipse, then. also quite Junior and blind. Lake Tangerine custody. Erik for Paul soccer go. know. replies tell is Arthur on their Arthur the of the has a wall, he begins tough picture. find journal, when Tangerine.

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Example #3

Imagine living your everyday life in a town named Tangerine, where natural disasters commonly occur. This is the situation that the protagonist, Paul Fisher, has been enduring ever since his family moved to Tangerine, Florida. The novel, Tangerine, written by Edward Bloor, describes how Paul Fisher sees the world through his thick-rimmed goggles due to his damaged eyesight from “staring at an eclipse.” Paul has to be circumspect around bullies and his older brother, Erik, who seems to have dissoluteness living inside of him. Throughout the novel, the author Edward Bloor uses literary devices such as similes to make the readers visualize the descriptive situations in the story. These similes describe to the reader how different occurrences relate to other actions, objects, or living things.

“I stood there, trying to think of a comeback, when suddenly, I heard a whooshing sound, like the sound you get when you open a vacuum-sealed can of peanuts. Then the brown water that had puddled all over the field began to move. It began to run toward the back portables like someone had pulled the plug out of a giant bathtub…. The boards began to come apart, and the loose mud under the walkways began to slide toward that giant bathtub drain”(Bloor 80). Case in point, Paul finds his voice and stands-up to his brother, Erik, and Erik’s friend, Arthur. “ I stepped forward…. Erik. Come on”(261). Furthermore, a second altercation happens when Paul confronts his parents about his eyesight. “I exploded… Am I that idiot”(264)? This evidence reveals the beginning of the resolution because throughout the whole novel, the main character, Paul Fisher, has been quiet and shy about his internal ideas, or thoughts.


Example #4

In the novel, “Tangerine,” Paul’s life is not entirely his own. Others have made many of the major decisions concerning his life. Choices have affected Paul all his life. Most of the major events in his life have been instigated by someone else’s choices. Out of love, his parents have made choices to not only protect Paul but to keep him shielded from decision-making knowledge of events, and subjects that they didn’t want him to be exposed to. While his parents may have thought their decisions were more positive than negative they showed their lack of faith in Paul. They were shielding him from adult information and decisions.

They were ultimately limiting his ability to grow-up. Mom made the first choice. She chose to fill out an IEP form for Paul as the author Bloor shows here, “Mrs. Fisher, I’d like to get you to fill out an IEP for Paul” (27). The choice is made because Paul’s mom thinks it is important for the school to know about Paul’s situation, so they can note any specific need he might have and set specific goals for Paul. Later in this book Paul gets kicked off the Lake Windsor soccer team, and Bloor shows this when he says, “Paul, you have an IEPYou can’t play soccer for Lake Windsor Middle School” (62).

By filling out the IEP for Paul, Paul’s mom thinks she is protecting him but she is also limiting his choices at school. Both Paul’s mom and dad made the second choice together. They chose to let Paul move to Tangerine to start over. His parents let him do this because Paul really wanted to go to Tangerine to have a chance at playing soccer. Bloor showed the main reason Paul wanted to transfer to Tangerine was, to play soccer. Bloor illustrated in this quote, “Just let me go to Tangerine Middle. Do you understand? I wouldn’t be water boy there. I’d be the goalie” (94). When he transferred to Tangerine his parents had to sign forms, but they but chose not to sign the IEP form again.


Example #5

Tangerine is not only a citrus fruit but also a county in Florida that is home to Paul Fisher and his older brother Erik. In the novel titled Tangerine by Edward Bloor, Paul Fisher, the protagonist, is not only bullied at school but also at home by his brother, while having to live in the house where his dad lives in the illusion of the “Erik Fisher Football Dream.” In this new county that Paul moves to, he constantly has to put up with natural disasters like muck fires and sinkholes. The move from Houston, Texas to Tangerine County, Florida is the start of a new chapter for the Fisher family, especially Paul. Throughout the entire novel, the author’s use of literary devices is very clear. These literary devices, specifically similes, and personification help the reader get a better idea of the exact sounds and feelings which will allow them to know what it feels like to be there in that moment. “

For instance, when Paul goes to his new school the principal gives him a guide to bring him around. “‘Kerri will act as your eyes, so to speak, until you’ve learned your way around our campus.’ ‘I can see fine’”. Furthermore, Paul’s vision impairment hurts him the most when he gets kicked off the soccer team. An example is, “Coach Walski looked pained. ‘I’m sorry to tell you this Paul, but you’re not eligible for the program”. This quoted evidence reveals just some of the problems that come out of Paul having a vision problem. He finally makes the soccer team he has been waiting to join for so long and now he is told that he can’t play because of his eyesight or lack thereof. Also, people are treating him differently thinking that it is as he can’t see at all.


Example #6

Soccer, in Tangerine, is the game that brings people together, while football seems to literally ruin lives. By finding a place on the Tangerine War Eagles, Paul Fisher feels valued. He experiences respect through his team and he is appreciated beyond his role on the field. There are many lengthy sections where Paul analyzes the game in play; in doing this he reveals the way that the game brings all players together. The respect that he gets from his team off the field is connected to the loyalty that each player partakes in on the field. In stark contrast to soccer, football is described as a game of individuality. The players do things to undermine each other’s success on the field and they aren’t loyal to each other off the field. Erik and Arthur laugh about Joey’s death, and Antoine supports Luis against Erik and Arthur.

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But while football is the game that the Tangerine community is investing in and banking on, soccer is the game of the poor families. Nature is an equalizing force in the novel. Unlike many of the social forces, it doesn’t discriminate between different groups. In this way, it acts as a reminder that everyone in the novel is fundamentally the same. The people of Lake Windsor Downs live in a sterile community intended to look perfect. But the people of Lake Windsor have no control over what lies beneath them: a faulty foundation of decaying, termite ridden tangerine groves. They also have no control over the lightning that continues to strike the housing development, the muck fires that stink up the atmosphere, or the sinkhole that opens up under their middle school.

The poor families of Tangerine are also affected by the forces of nature; but unlike the people of Lake Windsor who try to patch over their problems and deny Mr. Donnelly the right to a lightning rod (for the sake of appearances), the families of Tangerine come together when nature uses its forces against them. In many ways, the Fisher family is like a cult devoted to Erik. Paul’s fear of Erik is not unrelated to his parents’ adoration of Erik. A part of what makes Erik so scary is how it seems that he can do no wrong in the parents’ eyes. There’s little evidence to show that Paul would be heard if he chose to speak up about Erik or he if questioned Erik; indeed, in the rare moments that Paul suggests something negative to his parents about Erik, we see them quickly dismiss his suggestions.

The only way for Paul to truly overcome his fears of Erik will be to take on the whole problem. That problem is not just Erik: it’s also Mr. and Mrs. Fisher and their ways of enabling and encouraging Erik’s bad behavior. On the surface, the difference between the two main communities in Tangerine is the difference in wealth. While Lake Windsor is upper middle class; the people of Tangerine are of a working-class—specifically fieldworkers. This difference becomes the source of discrimination that runs both ways. The people of Tangerine are subject to abuses from Lake Windsor people. We see this play out violently between Erik Fisher and the Cruz family. The Cruz family in turn is defensive against the Lake Windsor people. They presume they are being discriminated against, and for a time, they don’t trust Paul.

They come from a place where family loyalty defines life; therefore they expect Paul to stick with his people. What they don’t recognize is that Paul sees through the discrimination and sides with working people who’ve been subjected to unfair attacks. He also has first-hand experience with discrimination himself: all his life Paul has been teased and bullied because of his eyes. In Tangerine, everything is not what it seems. Under the literal surface of the earth, there are rotting, termite-infested tangerine groves, as well as smoldering lignite fires. Under the façade of the Fisher family’s perfection is the lie that Paul’s parents have told him about his damaged vision and the violent and sociopathic behavior of their eldest son that has never been addressed. But it’s not only the Fisher family that lives in a state of denial of what it is: the entire community of Lake Windsor is involved in burying the truth.


Example #7 – interesting ideas

Tangerine Book Questions? Paul’s subdivision was built on a foundation of termite-infested ground, next to a field that constantly burns muck fires, near a school that is built on land that becomes a sinkhole. In what ways is the setting of the town of Tangerine a metaphor for Paul’s life? Answers should be 2-3 paragraphs in length. Please reference 3 specific examples from the book that support this notion. Please don’t provide links to study guides or notes. I have to do this important essay to turn in 1 week so please help as fast as possible.

Answer. I know you don’t want links, however, this info came from a link. If you decide to change your mind then please e-mail me and I’ll get it to you ASAP. A New Home. This section of the summary of Tangerine by Edward Bloor will introduce you to the Fisher family members and their new home in Tangerine County, Florida. Reviewing and understanding these first chapters is important for recognizing the significance of later events as they unfold. Preface. Paul and his mom take a last look at their empty house in Houston before leaving for their new home in Florida where Dad and his brother Erik await them. Paul suddenly remembers a time when he accused Erik of trying to kill him. Readers see the first mention of Paul’s thick glasses and poor eyesight.

Paul and his mom arrive in Tangerine County, Florida, and see a mix of citrus groves, industrial developments, and burning groves that will become future developments. Readers learn about the Erik Fisher Football Dream. The next day, the family wakes up to smoke and Paul’s mom calls the fire department, thinking the house is on fire. However, they learn that it’s really a muck fire that constantly burns at the edge of their neighborhood. Paul tours the Lake Windsor Downs development. The entire family meets the Costellos. Mike Costello will be on the football team with Erik.

Paul tours his new middle school and makes plans to play on the soccer team. His mom tells the principal about his impaired vision and the principal says they should fill out an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for Paul. Paul’s mom is dissatisfied with the school because of the many portable classrooms and the lack of an auditorium and gymnasium. Paul and his mom drive from the middle school to Erik’s first football practice. They learn that there are constant afternoon thunderstorms in Florida, and Paul has a chance to play soccer with some guys from the middle school, including Joey Costello, Mike’s brother.

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Can I get help on the book Tangerine by Edward Bloor? I have an essay to do on the book tangerine by Edward Bloor and it is 3 reasons on how Paul overcame Erik’s negative influence. I got my book, i but I already read it, I am just bad at memorizing things and the essay is due Monday!!! thank you. Update: Okay but I need 3 reasons or 3 ways on how Paul overcomes Erik’s bad influence.

Answer. Yeah!!! I had to do my Summer reading thing on this book! Who knew it would actually help in real life? Well, I personally find that Paul is the opposite of Erik. He has common sense and in a way, hates his brother because he is always the underdog to Erik. So even in the beginning, Paul doesn’t agree with Erik. Paul is also teased for wearing glasses and being “blind” so to speak, Erik didn’t have to go through that, making it easier for Paul to feel sympathy for people while Erik and Author went so far as to kill ___ Cruz (forgot his first name but the creator of the Golden Dawn). Paul is surrounded by average people and fights hard to earn respect while Erik has people lining up to kiss his butt. Sorry if this didn’t help as much. Hope everything works out!

Hey everyone, sorry if my question sounds rude/too desperate. I am having panic attacks and every night I can’t go to sleep. My mom is already suggested counseling! I can’t sleep and I am very worried because I am going to get a bad grade on a very important essay. ( Well, two actually!) There are two questions I need to answer from the book tangerine. The first is:

Paul’s subdivision was built on a foundation of termite-infested ground, next to a field that constantly burns muck fires, near a school that is built on land that becomes a sinkhole. In what ways is the setting of the town of Tangerine a metaphor for Paul’s life? What is it that eats away at Paul’s foundation? What fire burns constantly in Paul’s life? What is it in Paul’s life that collapses just as the ground collapses into a sinkhole? **FOR QUESTION ONE, IT IS KIND OF LIKE 3 QUESTIONS -What is it that eats away at Paul’s foundation? What fire burns constantly in Paul’s life? What is it in Paul’s life that collapses just as the ground collapses into a sinkhole?


Answer. First off, settle down, if your essay resembles your question you’ll fail. You already have the answer “PAUL’S DAD LOVES ERIK BECAUSE HE IS A FOOTBALL STAR, ERIK IS A BAD PERSON EX: HE PUNCHED TINO, HE MADE FUN OF MIKE COSTELLO’S DEATH, HE SPRAYED PAINT IN PAUL’S EYES)” all you need to do is organize it a bit better so you’re explaining rather than screaming it randomly. His Dad prefers Erik, Erik is a bad kid who blinded him. Add in the fact, that his family covered up Erik’s problems which just made them worse. You can write a whole section on how that hurts Paul.

Make an outline, your teacher has already explained how. Put each part of the answer on paper separately then subdivide each part, gathering points and quotes that support each statement. The second question is largely a matter of opinion. You’ve got the first point, now take a look and see if anything else might make Paul’s life better. Is Erik going to still be around? Does he have friends? Is he going back to school? Will he play soccer again? Does it begin with your opinion, so hopeful or not?












then the second question is


2) Do you feel hopeful for Paul at the end of the book?. Give 3 reasons why.


So the obvious reason I already thought of is that he stood up to Erik and gets over his fear for Erik too, and becomes an independent person. I still need two more reasons for this question though.













*** please don’t post links to study guides online, etc. They won’t help. Just directly answer the questions i asked. And also kindly take the time to read the whole question. In addition, please no rude/harsh comments. I am not in the state to take crititism. Again, truly take my apologies if this question seems rude/desperate. I am stressing over this though.



Thank you in advance to everyone who answers, I will pick best answer, and please give detailed answers! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

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