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Tackling the Writing of the Kashmir Essay

Kashmir is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It is a valley surrounded by some of the tallest and largest mountain ranges. This breathtaking state of India is home to many people of many religions and races. The culture, the food and the diversity of the people are vast and immeasurable. However, Kashmir is a state that has been in trouble, with the Pakistanis, for many decades. So, if you are assigned the writing of the Kashmir essay, you can write about any of the facts mentioned above. Let’s take a closer look at how to handle this assignment.

The beauty of Kashmir. Kashmir’s beauty is boundless. It is said that Kashmir island created on water. It is believed that there was a large lake where Kashmir stands today. One of the many charms of Kashmir is its many different forms of water. Lakes, rivers, springs, and snow-capped mountain and colourful flowers take a person’s breath away. You can write a descriptive essay on Kashmir and its beauty and write it in a way as if you are seeing it for the first time. Imagine you have gone on a trip to India and just entered Kashmir. What will you feel? What will you see? What will you smell? Describe all these things when you write your descriptive essay on Kashmir.

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Kashmir – paradise lost. Kashmir has been having conflicts with its neighbouring country, Pakistan, for many decades. Although there are devastation and destruction, Kashmir still remains a beautiful state. You can write about Kashmir’s beauty and how all this is lost due to the conflict in your Kashmir essay. Provide information on the reasons for the conflict and what has ensued up to now. You can even write a compare and contrast essay, comparing Kashmir to before and during the conflict.

Life in Kashmir. This can be written as a narrative essay. Imagine you are living in Kashmir. Imagine a peaceful existence that is shattered with guns and soldiers and bombs. Write about how things have changed and how they could have been prevented. Write about what you have lost during the conflict. Write about what you have learned because of the problems in Kashmir. You can also write the essay through the eyes of a child. This would add more passion and reality to your essay. Think about it…..

History of Kashmir. Kashmir is a country with a long history. It is a country that has been under British rule and is still struggling for independence. You will have to go back many, many years to understand and provide accurate information on Kashmir’s history. So, conduct your research properly and thoroughly and write an interesting essay on the history of Kashmir. There are so many ways to tackle the writing of the Kashmir essay. If you gather as much information about this beautiful place, you will be able to write an eloquent and interesting essay on Kashmir. We know you can do it. Good luck!

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