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Summer Break Essay

I visited Switzerland during my summer break it is the place I have loved. It was a family trip. How can I forget? The restless coach journey I had, while I patiently waited to cross borders into Switzerland.

I had heard quite a few facts about the country also had seen many pictures of the scenery of the country. However, being there is nothing compared to looking at pictures or watching the places of interest on television. This is the place I love so much.

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The scenery in the country was marvellous. The air was fresh and we enjoyed the cool breeze blowing. There were huge pine and oak trees in some parts of the mountainous region. In the other parts, the forest had been cleared to make way for housing and grazing land.

The tops of the pine trees were covered in snow that was about to melt, as spring was setting in. The tress just stood there motionless like lampposts. There were neither bird’s nests in the tress nor any creatures near the trees. These factors added to the calmness of the place.

Moreover, the Swiss houses looked like pretty dollhouses. They were wooden, most of them were two-storied, had sloping rooftops and had little windows holding pt with bright coloured flowers.

The houses were scattered across the landscape having at least an acre of land surrounding it. All the houses had animal sheds near them with a couple of well feed cattle resting in the sheds. Some cows were roaming about freely or grazing. The cows had bells in their necks with an impression of the Swiss flag on them. The sound of the bells was so calming and added to the beauty of the place. ‘Jingle, jingle’ they rang while the cows were walking, and the tourists stopped to have a glance at the cows.

Another fact I never knew about Switzerland was that it had quite a few lakes. The water in the lakes was crystal clear. Spring was on its way which is why the lake was not frozen. However, fishing and boating facilities were absent because of safety reasons. You could still enjoy the picture-perfect view.

There was no humidity in the air. The air was cold, dry and pleasant. However, there was no need for winter clothes as the temperature was well above 10 C, on the other hand, the peaks of the alpine mountains were snow-capped. They are covered in snow for 12 months of the year (information from the local tourist centre).

We visited the peaks of these mountains and did feel the need for winter clothes. Cable cars were the only way we could get up there. It was freezing on the top of the mountains. You could not see anything beyond 5 feet due to the fog; everything appeared to be so faint and vague. People nearby appeared to be at a distance. We had good pair of walking shoes on as the ice below our feet was dangerously slippery. The snow was not fresh like we would see in England on the other hand it was frozen and hard as a rock. Thus we could not make a snowman.

The weather on the mountain made our fingertips numb. All you could see around that place were other tourists clicking pictures.

The other icy mountains were inaccessible. It seemed like there were no wild creatures in the place. We could not hear any birds chirp nor was the place occupied by people. it was deserted owing to the height of the mountains and the climate. All we could hear is noise from fellow tourists. The place was wonderful.

I felt like I was wrapped in nature’s arms in Switzerland. The cold air, lakes, green surroundings and the beautiful mountains came along with a pleasant atmosphere. The trip was an unforgettable experience.

Lastly, the trip had to come to an end and we were back in England. Although this place has really convinced going back there again.

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