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Study Skills Essay

When learning to drive a car, visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning styles are used. The visual learning style is helpful when learning to drive a car because being shown how to drive using diagrams and then in real life can help the learner develop a clear mental picture of exactly how it has been done. I consider this to be the easiest method when taking driving lessons. The auditory learning style is helpful when learning to drive a car because, if you listen to instructions first, it can help get the information into the brain about what you need to do, and can help you to remember what you need to do, which allows you to repeat these instructions to yourself whilst driving to help you with where to go and what to do. This learning style is also helpful if you have forgotten what you were shown visually. I found this learning style helpful when I started my lessons.

In the theory exam, this is how you will be tested, by reading for yourself or listening to someone else read the questions, and you will be expected to select an answer within a certain amount of time. I passed my theory test using this method. For the practical driving test, the auditory learning style is used just before the test for the questions you may be asked before the test starts and also for the instructions given by the examiner. The kinesthetic learning style is helpful when learning to drive a car because practicing hands-on is vital as this is how you will be examined in the driving test. First, I found this learning style difficult as coordinating my mind and body was hard, but as I progressed with my driving, it became natural to me.

For the theory exam, you can practise it using all of the methods above; for example, kinesthetic is used to click on the screen where you think the hazards are on hazard perception practice. Auditory learning style is used on the questions before the hazard perception part of the practice test. Visual is also used on the hazard perception test in the practice questions; you can watch someone else click on where the mistakes are and learn from this. I feel the visual learning style is the most effective because I learn best by being shown visually and remembering it. Task 2 (3.1) An example of a learning situation I did not enjoy was learning to play the piano.

If I made a mistake, the teacher would use the kinesthetic approach, getting me to keep practicing where I was going wrong, but I found this complicated to remember, making me flustered and play even worse. It was unsuccessful because it was a different learning style to the one I like. I would have preferred a combination of visual and auditory learning styles first, moving on to kinaesthetic once I had mastered the basics. I could have coped with these learning styles if I remembered everything he was showing and told me and practiced very hard until I successfully remembered how to read the music and play the piano. The strategy I could have used to cope with this learning style would have been to practice at home on my own until my playing became better. This strategy would have made my learning more successful by making me more relaxed and helped me gain confidence in my own abilities.

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