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Sonnet 116 and the Play of “Romeo and Juliet” Essay

In sonnet 116, Shakespeare talks about love, one of the most difficult and confusing parts of life. In it, he identifies what love is and what it is not. His idea is that love is unbreakable and will prevail through all hardships. Through the use of imagery, Shakespeare tries to show the reader what he thinks love is. The sonnet aims to prove that true love is clear and that it has a real definition. However, Shakespeare doesn’t write what he thinks true love is. Instead, he writes what love isn’t, and by doing this, he shows that true love isn’t weakened by time; it remains strong as long as the two people live.

Shakespeare starts the sonnet by saying that he is not trying to talk down on love or discourage anyone who thinks they have it. “Let me not to the marriage of true minds / Admit impediments”. This quote tells me that one of the aspects of true love is that it does not weaken over time. This means that no matter how long you’re in love together, it will never fade as it might last an eternity.” Love is not love/Which alters when it alteration finds”. This quote also tells me that true love lasts forever, and it doesn’t fade as time passes; it isn’t affected by the world. Instead, it ignores the world. This is important because it shows Shakespeare’s belief that true love lasts for eternity and never fails.

In the poem, Shakespeare uses the technique called imagery very effective. Shakespeare uses imagery to show that love is always in your life. True love is permanent, “an ever-fixed mark”. True love is something that never goes away. It is like a stain, something that lasts. Also, True love cannot be broken or taken. This is shown in the line “that looks on tempests and is never shaken”. The shows me that true love can withstand all, and nothing will break it down. Sonnet 116 and the play of Romeo and Juliet can relate as sonnet 116 is about love and how love doesn’t fade away no matter what the obstacles are, no matter how difficult they, but holds on, even “to the edge of doom,” meaning until the last day of life. Romeo and Juliet are all about a love that holds through all difficulties, even until death “do them part”.

Romeo and Juliet had to face many difficulties, such as the family feud to be together, but this didn’t stop them. Also, they had overcome these difficulties by marrying each other. The play Romeo and Juliet portrayed true love. The two of them caught each other’s eyes and defied their parents to get married, and both committed suicide for each other. If true love cannot be shown like that, I know how else to show it. Romeo and Juliet had never met before the ball because of their families’ strife. When they finally did meet, fireworks filled the room. Magic between them, so strong, was shown when Romeo said, “Did my heart love till now?” (692). It could have been shown when Juliet stated, “…be but sworn my love, /And I’ll no longer be a Capulet” (700). Both Romeo and Juliet decided to get married very quickly after this ball.

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