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Something that Changed My Life

The significance and intensity of a single word can be beyond imaginable. A word used correctly in a sentence can emphasise different aspects of your life. This can give you the power to look at things close up and magnify faults to help you understand what needs to be altered to achieve the lifestyle you’d always dreamt of. I never thought a word that my friend who dropped out of school came up with would change my perspective on life. I was proved wrong. The British sun was beating down on my head; I could feel the heat through the window. The traffic was hectic; I was stuck on an overcrowded number thirteen bus on the way back from a shopping session. I closed my eyes, reminiscing the times that I stared at my reflection in the mirror.

“You look like shit!” I’d listen to my words echo in the back of my head till it put a suicidal impact on my life, till masochism was an option. I took a glance out of my window, hoping for a miracle to come my way. Instead, I saw a boy, five foot eleven, baby face with an unforgettable smile. We made eye contact, and I saw a sparkle in his eyes I’d never previously seen. I looked away at the people on the bus, and I got off at my usual stop. I was crossing the road, and I saw him approaching me. My nerves took the best of me as I saw him face to face. I stopped and stared; my heart was beating faster than ever. I scanned him from head to toe, Dolce and Gabbana hooded jumper, Valentino trousers and Nike Air Max’s. I was stunned.

“Wha gwan David”. “Damn, how’d you know my name?” To tell the truth, I didn’t know him, but I felt the urge to get to know him. My pulse must’ve dropped drastically as just walking by his side gave me a sense of comfort. In our in-depth conversation, we had a level of understanding I’d never experienced with a boy before. I spoke to him as I knew him like he was an old friend instead of some stranger. We’d been walking for twenty minutes when I found myself looking at the spot where I’d first laid my eyes on him. “Come, coach.” I followed him to a road I’d never seen before, we saw a bench, and we were both quick to sit and relax. Two hours passed, and we were engaging in an intense conversation. As he leaned over, I felt his warmth on my skin. He kissed my lips so sweetly. “I saw you, and I was amazed; you were so different to what I’m used to.” I laughed; I felt like I was worth a million dollars I knew he was, though.

“You have a fault, though.” My heart sank; so many things went through my head in that short space of time. I waited anxiously for him to come up with a long list of faults. “Spit it out, den boy” “Confidence.” I was confused; I laughed nervously as I watched him bite his nails. I didn’t understand, was I too cocky, too feeble, did I create a false impression of myself? “You need more; you could be a great girl. You need it so much; you could flip your life at a hundred and eighty degrees angle.” We were walking back to the bus stop, and I reconsidered what he’d said to me; if I had more confidence, maybe I’d be happier. I visualised myself walking with pride. I felt better already. The British sun was beating down on my head through the window. The traffic was hectic; I was stuck on a number thirteen bus. I closed my eyes, reminiscing the times that I stared at my reflection in the mirror. “You look beautiful!” I wish I’d have said that, and I wish that I’d have looked at myself, thought highly of myself and had a bit more confidence. Instead, I took a glance out of my window, knowing a miracle had come my way.

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