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Social Benefits of Allowing Gun Ownership

Gun control has always been a splitting issue with activists and politicians. The question that is frequently asked is, “How far is too far when it comes to controlling guns?” Gun control has boiled down to three essential points, which are continually being debated within the United States government. The most common point that is made is that the American people have a “right to bear arms” according to The Constitution. The second issue is that guns are not what kill people; People kill people. There are some responsible uses for guns and if people use them irresponsibly, then that is when people will injure others. The last point that is made is that there are questions about gun control and how it affects crime. Having the right to guns teaches people self-defense and responsibility, which can assist in reducing crime. If you take the right to bear arms away, people will not be as secure in their communities.

In order to understand the laws for gun control, one must first examine the law and how it is written. The 2nd Amendment for the United States Constitution states “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” The Founding Fathers of the United States included this in the Constitution because they were in fear that the Government might oppress the people if they did not have the means to defend themselves as a nation and as individuals. This law was written with the concept in mind to keep the people safe and ease their minds during times of struggle and war. The militia mentioned in the constitution is meant as a group of defenders to the country that is made up of free men of every creed and every background.

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In times of war, the “free people” will be called into the fight and will need to have some sort of prior experience with guns and firearms. If we take away this right of the people, then there will be less training and experience with guns by the populace. There are however practical uses for guns that need to be kept in mind when considering gun control. Hunting is a popular sport to thousands of Americans across the country. Many activists claim that hunting is bad for the environment and bad for preserving wildlife, but some scientists have found that if you are careful with your hunting programs, they can actually help wildlife flourish. When there is an abundance of wildlife in a central area, food will be difficult to find. Hunting helps reduce overpopulation so that this problem doesn’t exist. Nature also dictates that the weaker species feed the stronger species. Hunting is not only a sport but also some people’s livelihood for food.

Without guns, certain people would have a very difficult time getting the food they so badly need. Even with hunting, firearms are enjoyed as hobbies and in competitions as well. Shooting is a common sport that is taken up as a competition between different people. There is an Olympic Event specialized for pistol, shotgun, and rifle athletes that have been part of the Olympic sports since 1912. There are many competitions aside from The Olympics that promote gun use and safety. Some of these competitions include trap and skeet shooting, silhouette, and practical pistol shooting. Since shooting is relatively inexpensive, many people participate in shooting just as a hobby. All of the sports and gun-related hobbies use the latest in safety gear and teach people about some of the proper uses for guns.

Shooting is an activity that the entire family can enjoy. With close supervision, children can be taught to shoot. Learning how to shoot safely means learning about responsibility, and the time spent teaching a child to shoot is quality time. When a child is ready, they may be allowed to shoot with less supervision. When this time comes, the child knows they have earned their parent’s trust and they gain a sense of self-confidence. Sharing a hobby like shooting can bring a family closer together, teach children responsibility, and promote trust between parents and children. Throughout history, violence has plagued the human race. Since ancient times the strong have preyed on the weak. We have passed laws to protect society, but the violence continues. Laws attempt to change human behavior, but laws are not able to change human nature. Laws are not enough to protect people from aggression. We must allow people the means to protect themselves.

It is a fact that not all people are the same size or possess the same amount of strength. Sometimes people must defend themselves from stronger aggressors. This is especially true for women since they are, on average, smaller than men. Also, older people are generally less able physically to defend themselves than young adults are. Everyone deserves to be safe, but not everyone has the physical ability to defend themselves. Firearms are the most effective tools used today for self-defense, but they are only useful if they are available. Statistics show that people who are attacked by a criminal are safer if they use a weapon to resist their attacker than if they do not resist. In addition, those who resist with a gun are less likely to be injured than those who use a less effective weapon, such as a knife. Resisting crime with a gun does not always mean shooting the criminal.

Statistics show that in true life instances of self-defense with firearms, firing the gun was necessary only one-third to one-half of the time, the rest of the time the mere presence of a gun was enough to scare away the attacker. Guns are an effective deterrent to crime. A study involving convicted felons showed that nearly 40 percent of them had decided against committing a specific crime because they suspected their intended victim might be armed. In 1966 the Police Department in Orlando, Florida, offered a well-publicized self-defense-shooting program to women. As a result, the rate of rape in that city decreased from thirty-six per year down to four. This was accomplished without any of the women shooting anyone or even pulling a gun on anyone. The publicity alone was enough to discourage potential rapists.

The Founding Fathers of our country won our freedom with firearms. After we won our independence the Founding Fathers included the right to keep and bear arms in the Constitution to ensure that the freedom they fought for would last. Throughout the history of this country, firearms have been used to defend that freedom from both foreign aggressors and from violent criminal aggressors. Americans own and use firearms for many reasons, such as; hunting, organized sports competitions, informal recreational uses, and protection. Society does benefit from firearms in the hands of responsible citizens. It is our responsibility to use them properly and safely.

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