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Snow White’s Awakening

Snow White lays asleep in her bed, awaiting a kiss form her prince charming. Suddenly her wooden bed turns to metal and the pictures of flowers transform into posters of Blink-182. In strides a young man with baggy pants and a blue Mohawk. In the background, we hear the sounds of freeway congestion: horns blowing, music blaring, irate people screaming and tires screeching.

“Prince Charming” bends down and kisses her. Slowly she awakens, sits up and screams, “Ohhhhhh myyyyyyy gawd! Where am I?” Prince charming replies with a brief answer, “Why you’re in L.A. sweet thing!” Confusion crosses the young woman’s face as she stands up and looks around. “Come on baby, we’re going to be late for da concert,” explains P.C. (prince charming).

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“Concert? What’s a concert?” asks the bewildered and frightened Snow White. She then asks, “And who are you? You don’t look like Doc.”

“Well I am P.C., cuz I’m your prince charming sweetie,” he replies with a smirk. So they leave the tattered apartment and begin to walk down the street to where P.C. parked his car. (Snowie was in her ballroom gown.)

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They stop at a Hot Topic store to buy Snowie (Snow White) a “concert outfit.” Snowie flatly refuses to go inside, secretly wondering if she had died and gone to the underworld to visit Pluto. (Pluto was the god of the underworld in old times Greek mythology). So P.C. goes inside alone. They stop at a filthy restroom for Snowie to change into her outfit, all the while arguing whether or not she should wear it. Finally, she gives in and consents to wear black leather pants and grungy Korn tee shirt.

Snow White began to enjoy herself. She was strutting her stuff in P.C.’s bright purple 1970 convertible Impala. She was amazed at all the tall metal buildings, for she had only seen one-story wooden ones in her lifetime. They arrived at the Staples Center shortly, and Snow White was trying to hide her immense fear.

Eventually, her fears turned into excitement! She was enjoying herself-that is until the concert started. She had never heard such an awful noise. She plugged her ears and laid down. Soon the sounds of ruckus began to fade. Suddenly she felt warm lips on hers. She jumped up, startled, and found herself in her own room. Dopey looked up and smiled at her, along with the six other dwarves.

“Where’s the prince?” she asked dazed. Dopey looked at her and smiled once more………..

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