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Shrek Essay

This essay is about fairy tales with the nasty ogre, the good prince, the witch, the beautiful princess and love. I am going to look at a different type of fairy tale. At the begging of the film, Shrek is sitting on the toilet reading a fairy tale story about a prince and a princess falling in love. He then says “as if that’s going to happen” and laughs then rips the page out of the book to use to wipe himself with. This interrupts the traditional fairy story because we would normally expect a handsome prince or a fairy godmother, not an ogre. This opening suggests that it is a different kind of fairy tale with different elements to the story.

Shrek is seen as a very frightening character at the beginning of the film. When he encounters the storybook characters he scares them and threatens them “I’ll grind your bones to make bread, squeeze the jelly from your eyes and chop your liver up and have it on toast”. He also proclaims that “ogres are more frightening than giants”. He gives them a mighty roar and the storybook characters run away screaming. Shrek is a traditional ogre at this point. When Shrek and the donkey meet Shrek tries to intimidate him by roaring at him but the donkey doesn’t get scared. Shrek is very surprised by this. Donkey looks up and says “you need some tic tacks”.

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Donkey really likes Shrek he wants to bond with him and get to know him better so he follows him to his swamp. Donkey asks if he can stay and Shrek says yes, so the donkey runs into the house he gets the wrong idea Shrek means he can stay outside. Then when Shrek is having his diner three blind mice disturb him. This is a comical moment because Shrek tried to catch the mice but he can’t. Other fairytale characters are in the house too at this point. Shrek then goes outside he sees that the whole of his swamp is filled with fairy tale characters. They tell Shrek that lord for a quad had put them here.

Shrek decides to go and sort things out with lord for a quad. The fairy tale characters think he’s a hero. This is not what a traditional ogre would do. He would eat them or be dreadful towards them. “Pull some ogre stuff” is how donkey thinks Shrek should get his swamp back. Shrek is looked at as lord for a quad this shows that lord for the quad is more powerful. He then threatens the villagers to “decapitate the entire village and cut open their spleens”. At first, Shrek doesn’t want to fight with anyone, he decided to solve the dispute with a pint. This shows us that he is a very unique ogre. He has a good side to him.

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Lord Farquad makes a deal with Shrek if he goes on a noble quest to collect Princess Fiona. He will get his swamp back. Shrek and the donkey go to collect Princess Fiona. She is very disappointed “you’re a little unorthodox”. Fiona expected a handsome prince and for this moment to be romantic “were you expecting prince charming” Shrek just wanted to rescue her as quickly as possible so he could get his swamp back as quickly as possible. In the film, we quickly learn that lord for a quad is not like a traditional fairy tale character and is a contrast to Shrek. Lord for a quad taunts the gingerbread man saying run, run, run as fast as you can” this shows us how evil he is torturing the gingerbread man “Run run run as fast as you can” This shows us how evil he is torturing the gingerbread man because he has no legs. Then lord for a quad threatens to take his buttons off because he wouldn’t keep quiet.

Thus is a symbol of tipping out the gingerbread man interrupts and lord for a quad throws hi min the bin. When lord for a quad comes to pick up Princess Fiona he uses very formal language. He speaks to her like a gentleman. I remember him saying “forgive me, lady, for startling you, for you startled me” she dazzles him with her beauty. At the end of the film when it is revealed that Fiona is an ogress he acts upon her in a different way “I will lock you up in the castle for the rest of your days”. This shows us that lord for a quad didn’t look for the beauty inside him was only looking on the outside. Lord Farquaad didn’t love Fiona he just wanted to marry her so he could become king. When a director is making a film it is important that they use a variety of angles to create certain effects. At the beginning of the film, Shrek scores the storybook characters away, the camera angle was a low one.

Showing the inside of his mouth. This is meant to make him appear more frightening and to show that he could eat them. When you get closer into Shrek’s swamp I noticed that it goes darker and darker. Thus symbolizes fear and loneliness. When the fairytale characters appear with orders from the lord for a quad telling Shrek to leave the swamp, Shrek walks up closer to the fairytale characters. This is a high shot showing how big Shrek is against the fairy tale characters. They then run away with fear. As lord for a quad is introduced the tension is built up it shows him putting gloves on there is allow angle shot making him look tall and powerful. The shots are made to show fear and horror in the story.

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When Shrek and the donkey are relaxing together looking down at the stars the camera is looking down on them. When Shrek cooks Fiona a meal the camera angle is level to show her money. Towards the end of the film close-up shots are used with Shrek and Fiona are showing them as if they are together Fiona would be on one side and it would fade into Shrek, he would be on the other side. When you see someone in the film with their back to the camera it is showing that they are upset and want to be isolated away from everything, it also shows loneliness. The story begins in Shrek swamp. A swamp is a traditional place for an ogre to live. The swamp looks very dull and dark. Donkey goes to the swamp. Shrek lets him stay outside this suggests he wants to be friends with others. He is friendly and has a nice side to him.

When we first meet Shrek it is obvious he is meant to look like an ogre because he is very tall, has two antlers on his head, he is green and very unhuman-like. He lives in a swamp his house is very much like a cave. He is very proud he likes to keep his house very clean. He has a small wooden box building next to his cave-like home, which is his toilet. He baths in mud. He has mud showers. Lord Farquaad lives in a very tall castle we would expect a castle to have a drawbridge, tricks, moat flags. This is very different from what we would expect. Its place of touchier, violence and unhappiness. In one part of the film, we see the best clothes and jewellery. He is very small; he wears gloves and lives in a big castle in a place called duck. If he marries princesses he will become king.

When Princess Fiona leaves Shrek, Shrek sits with his back to the camera and stares at the moon. It is very dark this reflects loneliness, shock and sadness. He is isolated cut away from the enjoyment. The images of light are used throughout fully too. Shrek and princes Fiona are often pictured walking through meadows. This is meant to symbolize happiness with the bright sun and the chirping birds. At the beginning of the film, there is loud lively music. This suggests the film is going to be quite modern. When we first meet lord farquaad, and the hooded figure, there is marching music. It shows us Lord Farquaads arms and legs. There are loud organs this suggests a horror story, fear and a nasty element to the story.

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When Shrek enters lord farquaads arenas there is a loud organ this suggests fear, terror and it builds up the tension. When Shrek overhears the conversation between a donkey and Princess Fiona, he misinterprets what is happening. There is slow, sad music. Shrek is very unhappy. Near the end of the film, there is a ballad about broken dreams and promises playing. This is to enthuse how sad Shrek, Fiona, the donkey and the donkey are. Having the dragon crying shows more sadness in the film. It is a good effect because the donkey and the dragon end up crying together. Donkey is an important character in the film, as he helps us to understand the character of Shrek. When the donkey refuses to listen to Shrek, ignores the “beware of ogre” sign, and follows him back to the swamp.

This shows us that Shrek has a lot of good in him. He is not as bad as people think he is “there’s more to ogres than people think”. When Shrek and donkey go to see Lord Farquaad and they end up having a tournament, donkey turns it into a comedy because he pretends they are playing a wrestling match and tries to get Shrek to tag him. Shrek can be a real ogre. He uses his strength and power to defend himself because he could do a lot worse to people. Throughout the film, Shrek has mostly been a good character in this story.

Donkey and Shrek have a very strong relationship because since the donkey has come out of the picture Shreks good side has come out more. Donkey is very important he is a good influence on Shrek. Donkey also persuades Shrek to go after his true love. In conclusion, I think this film was more than just some kind of fairy story it has a hidden message like people aren’t always as they seem, never judge a book by its cover. The real beauty is with that is the real message because at the end of the film. Fiona is disappointed because she is not beautiful but Shrek likes her for who she is.

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