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Short Story – War

As Len thought back, he could see his mum drop to the ground trembling. “ What’s wrong I cried”.


Len came back to his senses. The waves of bodies cleansing themselves in the form of the beach broke his haven from the reeking smell. Looking over he sighed, “ more”. Glancing left then right he counted the crosses protruding from the white bleached sand and whispered, “twenty-seven”. “ They’ll never stop coming to Len,” sighed Matt as he walked over, “ when are you going to stop?” “Mate, to me this isn’t no chore, it’s a moral duty.”


As a shell landed on the beach sending splinters everywhere from the shattered crosses uprooting the rotting corpses. He saw dismembered bodies lobbed into the air. “ Positions,” the sergeant screamed at his dazed troops. “They’re back!”

Recovering from the shock, Len pulled Matt up and yelled “ Matt!” “Get in position, they’re back.” Scrambling over the dismembered corpses, Len urged his comrades to the trench. Still with shells dropping their deafening blows and the whistling of hot metal he heard only one sound. “ARGHHHH,” screamed a troop of Japanese as hey begun their death charge up the beach dune. “ One, two, three OPEN FIRE,” screamed the sergeant as we took our rifles, lined our scopes and fired.

As the cracking of metal on metal begun, eight Japanese fell to the ground to join the rank of the corpses, while the remaining charged to meet their comrade’s fate. The deafening shells kept falling, coming closer and closer. “Retreat,” screamed the sergeant as he radioed in the USS-Dallas. As Len ran back, he could see his comrades being lobbed up in the air as though they weighed nothing only to fall back to earth in pieces. “ We’re getting teared to pieces sarge!” “Aren’t there a better place than this godforsaken beach,” I screamed as another comrade went down from another hot piece of metal.


As metal grinded against metal, he heard the chopping sound of the plane propellers above. “ You Beauty,” I cheered as my savior dropped its deadly payload onto the unsuspecting Japs. As dismembered bodies were lobbed into the air I felt a sharp pain in my left shoulder. As Len inspected his arm he realized it was a splinter from one of the crosses. “ Sound off guys, its over,’ the sarge called as he walked over inspecting his men’s wounds.

“ Death, what’s it worth,” Len questioned dropping his rifle on the now red sand. Lifting his shovel Len sighed “ They’ll just never stop, just like you said Matt.” As Len glanced over he shuddered. Matt had coloured in the sand with his own blood and guts.

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