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Sheds Aquarium Essay

I recently had the opportunity to visit the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, Il. The aquarium has a vast array of aquatic animals on display. Throughout Shedd s you can find aquatic animals from various locations around the globe. You can view Pacific white-sided dolphins or creatures that invade the amazon river. The amount of aquatic life is almost endless. The Shedd aquarium opened in 1930. At that time the Shedd only had a small number of animals on display. Today, Shedd Aquarium’s exhibits convey the full scope of environmental habitats and conservation issues. Naturalistic, experiential exhibits place guests in an ecosystem, providing a sense of place where animals live.

The most intriguing display at Shedd s was the Sea Otter exhibit. In addition to seeing the animals in their simulated environment, I learned some interesting facts about the Sea Otter. For example, I did not realize that More than 90 per cent of the world’s sea otters live in the coastal waters of Alaska from Prince William Sound to the Aleutian Islands, with numbers estimated at 150,000 to 200,000. Another interesting fact is that Sea otters are the smallest marine mammals. Adult males are about 5 feet long and weigh between 60 and 85 pounds. Females vary from 4 to 41/2 feet and 35 to 60 pounds. Their small size is a dubious distinction in an environment where sheer bulk is an adaptation against the heat-sapping properties of water. In addition, sea otters do not have the thick, insulating layer of blubber found in cetaceans and pinnipeds. They rely, instead, on their fur and a rapid metabolism to survive in the near-freezing waters of Alaska’s seas.

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Admission to the Shedd is a bit expensive. $15 is a little steep, however, I really enjoyed the experience. In addition to the $15 entry fee, you also need to bring extra cash for food, gifts and any other shows you may want to attend. If the aquarium experience is not enough, you may choose to attend one of the trip packages that Shedd s has available. You can take a trip of a lifetime and explore Bali and its endless bazaars for local treasures or visit ancient temples. Then sail for the Komodo Islands, snorkelling Indonesia’s most spectacular reefs before you visit the famous Komodo Island and its dragons, magnificent lizards that reach a length of ten feet!

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