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Self-Defeating Nature of Affirmative Action

In the year 2002, all minorities have come along way with affirmative action. Some people are saying that affirmative action is slavery, that were are putting ourselves through it all over again. In stating that Ward Connerly tells us that slavery has not ended. It’s still around and we call it affirmative action. Affirmative Action draws its life from the proposition that black Americans cannot succeed in this nation without special consideration. That is “dependency.” Affirmative Action is like an old car that has too many miles on it. We could try to overhaul it but the cost of doing that is too steep. These costs, economic and social, must be borne by the nation as well as the beneficiaries of affirmative action. The highest cost of all: the mental enslavement of black Americans. When will we ever learn the lesson of economic progress that virtually immigrant group coming to America has learned?

Vietnamese people, one of our more recent immigrants groups, come to our country and open doughnut shops and other low-capital enterprises and insist that their kids go to school and get a good education. They sacrifice themselves so that their children someday enjoy the American dream. Entrepreneurship and education comprise the formula for a better life. They often come here with nothing more than a belief in their selves. Blacks, on the other hand, perpetuate the self-defeating and corrosive myth that we cannot do it without help from someone else–and we all too often don’t even try. Instead of developing a successful attitude, telling our kids that they can do anything they set out to accomplish, we plant and fertilize seeds of failure, which take form in policies and practices such as affirmative action. Instead of operating those doughnut shops ourselves, we simply stop and but on our way to our government job.

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