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Search for Atlantis of Plato

Among all the theories which have emerged from the speech of Plato, to know where is located the Atlantis island, and why it has disappeared, there is one which is rarely evoked and located the Atlantis on the celestial planisphere.

From now on, the issue is: where to locate that Island on that planisphere?

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First of all, let us note that the heroes of the story told by Plato (who are, in his discourse, Athenians), these heroes were, in the antique Sabean religion, stars or constellations.

And these were some constellations as those who belonged, under the name of Habiru, or Abiru, or Ibri, or Hebreux, to the divine army (an army ruled since the earth by Moses, and since the sky by Yahveh).

As we know, Moses is the Centaur in the Sabean religion.

From now on, we can conclude that his fellowship are constellations who remain behind him on the celestial planisphere.

And the same remark to apply to constellations who are the Athenians in the story of Plato.

As for the kings who, under the name of Atlantes, are invading Africa, Asia and Europe, we can assume they are the clowds belonging to the Miiky Way.

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Let assume, from now on, that we are in antique April (we take account here of the precession of the equinoxes), and that we observe the sky at a night hour included between 22 et 24).

In that case, we observe that clouds of the Milky Way are boarding the celestial planisphere on its left side. And one month, we observed that they have penetrated inside the planisphere, forming at that time a long plain located not too far away from the border of the planisphere.

And the more that plain is to change its orientation and its position on the planisphere, the more the clouds of the Milky Way invade Africa, Asia and Europe (all of them being here celestial areas).

In other words, we can assume that the Atlantes (who are here the kings of people named Atlantes) represent the same Sabean figures as Amalek and his fellowship in the Old Testament of the Bible).

As for the Athenians, they will win the battle against the Atlantes for a reason easy to understand: they represent, in the story told by Plato, the divine troop (a troop whose elements have been chosen by God).


Now, let us assume that the Kings issued from Atlantis were not the clouds of the Milky Way.

They are constellations.

According to Plato, these have invaded areas which locate on both sides of the Hercule columns.

From now on, we can conclude that Hercule is himself a constellation.

And we can conclude either that the Atlantes are both on the left hand and the right hand of that constellation.

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And if we assume that Hercule is the Leo constellation, the Atlantes are, possibly, Hydra and his fellowship Sextant, Crater and Corvus.


Now, let us assume we are in the antique month of September, and, more precisely, at the autumn equinoxial point; and let us assume that the New Year was celebrated at that time in the past.

Those who rule in Africa are, among others, Orion and the seven Pleiades.

And the same Orion to pursue, He who is a terrible hunter, the seven daughters of Atlas.

As for knowing who is Atlas, we shall see it later.

For the time being, let observe that the Milky Way is not far away from Orion and the Pleiades.

We can thus conclude that the vast plain mentioned by Plato is that Milky Way with its clouds.

As for the island itself, named Atlantis, if the plain is the Milky Way, it represents the celestial planisphere as a whole.


Now, let us assume that Atlantis island was the Milky Way.

This one is bigger as both Asia and Europe together when it remains both in the ost and in the west side of the celestial planisphere (a Milky Way that runs along the border of the planisphere at that very moment)

And since we are in antique April when it remains in this position, we can no more conclude that Orion et the Pleiades remain near the Hercule column.

Indeed, if we look at the sky at that moment, we observe that both of them are invisible on the planisphere.

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As for the Milky Way (alias, the Atlantis Island), it is now crossed, in the middle of the figure, by a vast plain which is nothing else than the blue associated with the celestial planisphere (a blue surrounded by clouds of the Milky Way that the story of Plato identifies with that isthmus that belongs to the Atlantis island.

A more complete description of the Plato story is given in Le Roman Sabéen.

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