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Science vs Religion Essay

Can science and religion co-exist? It has been a conflict ever since the two became separate professions hundreds of years ago and will be an ongoing debate. Science and religion have been in conflict for many years and will continue arguing. However, the question is, can a scientist be religious even though there is scientific evidence that questions the existence of God?

Science is mainly concerned with the ‘how’ of the universe. Religion is concerned with the ‘why’ questions – the meaning and purpose of life. Usually, the two do not come into conflict unless science gets involved with the ‘how’ questions or religions get involved in the ‘why’ questions.

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An example is in the conflict between a branch of science, biology, and how God created everything. One of the aims of biology is to find out the meaning and purpose of life, which gets into conflict with religion. For example, science may use the big bang theory to explain how our universe was created and on the other hand, religion explains it by saying that God created the universe and everything else.

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Since both science and religion are both involved in finding the truth then why is it that science and religion co-exist? Simply because science questions everything logically while religion uses the God hypothesis and their holy texts. The God hypothesis is using God to explain the unexplained.

This is where science and religion clash and especially in medical miracles, and the creation of man and the universe. A medical example is when science cannot explain a patient who is cured of HIV, and thus religion would state that God did it. Evolution has been an ongoing battlefield since Darwin’s time because the theory of evolution contradicts the idea that God created all man, even questioning his very existence. Finally, there is the explanation of the universe. Just because science does not know the origins of the universe does not mean that God created it.

So can they still co-exist even though many religions denounce those who question the existence of God because the very foundation of science forces the person to? Belief requires faith and some people, such as atheists, are incapable of faith in which their minds are only receptive to evidence. Would it be ethical to blame those who believe science is the answer simply because it provides more evidence? Take Galileo for example. Galileo was a religious man till his death and yet he was accused by the church of heresy. Could it be that science can co-exist with religion but religion cannot co-exist with science?

In conclusion, I believe that science knows its limitations and dwells within that and finds much scientific evidence. Religion on the other hand is constantly being attacked by scientific evidence and that is why I believe that science and religion will never reconcile.

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