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School Uniforms 6 Essay

In recent years, the topic of uniforms in public schools has ensued discussion nationwide. Some people, many of whom are students, feel that they should be able to wear what they want. They feel that uniforms invade their freedom of expression. Others, however, feel that a school needs to be an institution for learning and not a fashion show. They claim that without a structured dres code, some students will cause a distraction, thus hindering the learning process and undermining the school system. Three reasons why school uniforms are a necessity are that it puts all the students on a level playing field, makes it easier to learn without school becoming a fashion show, and allows people to be judged by their inner qualities instead of the type of clothes they wear.

Having uniforms puts all the children on a level playing field. Even though many feel we have come a long way, we still have many prejudices in our society. Students do discriminate against one another based upon clothing. A lot of children feel that they must wear the newest most expensive clothing to be considered cool. This puts a strain on them as they try to look cool in school, instead of concentrating on their learning. This also puts a strain on parents who must purchase expensive clothes for their children. If uniforms were integrated into public schools, it would alleviate some of the strain put upon students who feel the need to wear the newest and coolest clothes. Many schools only have a dress code. If they had uniforms, the children would not have to wonder if their clothes were acceptable.

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Uniforms also make it easier to learn without being concerned about violence. Uniforms would do away with this fear. Another reason that uniforms were integrated into inner-city schools was that they would do away with the problem of gangs displaying their colors in the classroom. Some say that uniforms are only a band-aid for the problem. They say that the gangs will still be there and will find a way to show that they are part of a gang. However, if this stopped only one act of gang violence, wouldn’t it be worth it? Also, students have been physically harmed because a person wanted to steal their clothing. If everyone were wearing the same thing, I would not foresee this being much of a problem.

Uniforms would also be beneficial because people would be judged by their inner qualities and characteristics instead of what they wore. Some would argue that by forcing students to wear uniforms, you are taking away their right to freedom of expression. They would also say that it would get too monotonous and boring if everyone was dressed alike. However, this is not the purpose of uniforms. Uniforms make everyone just that, uniform. It creates a sense of equality and uniformity that helps to promote a good learning environment. Personality comes from within. A person should not need clothing to have a sense of self-worth or originality.

Wearing a uniform would force a child to judge his or her peers by who they are and not by what they wear, thus helping them to become better adults. Many individuals would agree in saying that a school is a place for a student to have the opportunity to get an education in a safe and secure place free of ridicule, violence, and peer pressure. Of course one must realize that uniforms alone is not the complete solution to our public school’s problems. But with the help of other school safety and violence prevention programs, uniforms can play a role in making public schools safer for every student. Besides, think of all the money that can be saved and put towards college.

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