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Scary Story Essay

NO! I don’t want to go! Let go of me, I don’t want to! “Well you have to and I’m not leaving you here! Trust me it’s a nice neighbourhood and you’ll meet a lot of new friends. Now get in the car we’re going!” I didn’t want to move to the little neighbourhood I’ve known everyone in it since I was small, and this new place seemed so creepy. It was a long drive through the rain but we finally arrived at the house a little past midnight. It was a full moon and the clouds started to thin out, I had never seen the house before until now, it was so strange to me, it looked like it had a face it two huge windows for the eyes staring back at me.

I had gotten the feeling that it didn’t want me there either. My mother was oblivious to the situation, “Wow doesn’t it look pretty at night” she said. I grabbed our bags and headed inside, it looked like it was going to rain again.
My mom went inside first, she tried to turn a light on but the electricity went out from the storm. “I don’t want to stay here! I want to go back home let’s go to a hotel or something, please!” “It’s okay will just sleep in the living room tonight.” We gathered around the fireplace and lit a small fire. She fell asleep fairly quickly and I stayed awake or tried to. I did fall asleep for just a minute until I realized where I was, there was no way I would be able to go to sleep not in a place like this, and of all the places it had to be my new house.

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My eyes wandered around the room, darting across each corner. There! I heard something, it played over and over in my head so I could try and figure it out. It sounded like someone walking down the stairs towards the living room. There! Again! I know that’s what it is now my heart began to race I didn’t want to make a noise. It stopped, I quietly rolled over and nudged my mom “Mom, someone’s in the house, wake up.” She didn’t move, this time I started to shake her a little “ Mom really wake up” I rolled her over and started to cry, there was blood coming out of her mouth and her eyes and nose. I crawled to the other end of the room.

The footsteps! There they are again! I tried to hide behind a small coach and held my breath so whatever it is wouldn’t hear me breathing. I rocked myself forward putting my head to the ground thinking how could this happen, but as my head hit the floor I made a terrible squeak, it was the floorboard. I poked my head out hoping it didn’t hear me but I was too late.

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A bloody hand grabbed me by the hair and tossed me across the floor. “OH MY GOD! Oh god, please don’t hurt me!” I was crying so heavily I couldn’t see, all I could make out was a large man walking towards me with a knife. He grabbed me by the hair again and I screamed, he picked me up and started to cut into me starting from my chest. I was still alive thrashing and screaming and trying to fight back until I saw my guts drop to the floor.

The next day everything seemed alright. I was back in my old house, an old neighbourhood, and old room. Everything seemed normal as I was looking around, telling myself,” hey it was a dream.” I had a sigh of relief and touched my chest, and to my surprise there were staples going down my whole chest and stomach, enclosing every detail I felt last night. I thought this was a dream, but now I’m not too sure.

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