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Romeo and Juliet Essay Example

Baz Luhrman has updated the screenplay of Romeo and Juliet. The scene is placed in America what is perfect for this screenplay. This screenplay suits America as it has a very violent place. Caused by gang warfare and guns being legal. Romeo and Juliet, it has a lot of sword fights and murders.

Themes have a very important part of this love story; the whole story is based on opposites. The director Baz Luhrman has set the scene very well and has chosen the important parts that will make sense.

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The setting of America is good as ‘drive-by’ shooting happen all the time and it has ‘gangster’ who rule the streets by fighting, stabbing, shooting and killing in any form to win. It in Californian what is a built-up place, and has not very built-up areas around it.

The themes have made this play what it is; it uses themes like love-hate and life-death.

The opening scene starts off with the main credits, it has a black background that gives tension to the start of the play. The characters in the credits seem very serious except Paris who is a neutral person in the family’s grudges. And in the beginning, he shows a lot of faces as it shows emotion, this giving him to push the audience to the scene. Blood is even a theme as he uses to persuade you that it going to be gory as first impressions are vital.

The first make setting is in a car where the Montague boys are, their wearing ‘beach boy’ clothing, their very loud, got very simple hair cuts what shows ‘hard’ people as personal in the armies have simple haircuts and they shout abuse to other people in the streets.

They arrive at a petrol station, and Benvilo walks outer sight, which seems to be the leader of the pack as he driving the car. You then get a camera shot of a car with the licence plate printed on them ‘Capulet,’ as there the other family that is in the civil war with their own family. But steps out of the car but u don’t see his face and that he lighted a cigarette in a petrol station. Fire and petrol do not mix so this will build the audience and make them respond to his presence. He disappears and it ends up with Gregory and Samson and Abram and an unknown person.

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Abram sees the montages and walks over to them and scares them. They do not want to seem weak or scared so they insult them with a hand gesture. This starts an argument that spirals out of control, they draw their guns with two on each side, Benvilo steps out and calls for peace but he draws his gun, this is the opposite as he wants peace but draws a lethal weapon. This is a theme as it the opposite, this opposite is a peace-violent theme.

The Capulets boys are very well dressed and seem to be careful about their appearance by wearing expensive clothes, there look like gangsters as they like to dress well and need to make an impression from their appearance. This gangster thing comes into all parts of their life as Tybalt called the ‘prince of cats’ his name tell you that he got leadership and power as he a prince and there in a powerful family. Abram is a very well-built person he tall and has a wide body showing power as he seems to have strength. Peter seems least powerful as u only see him partly plus he’s in the back of the car.

The Capulet boys seem organized as they knew what to do in a gunfight, they did not back down and had no hesitation in drawing their guns. They seem not bothered to draw their guns and seem to not care about rules and Tybalt is smoking in the petrol station.

The Montague boys seem less organized and prepared for a gunfight as when they insulted Abram they started hesitating and did some panic gesture by the way Samson picked up the petrol pump and started wobbling and was shaking with it. Benvolio seems most powerful as he driving the car, and has a better-built body.

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Samson and Gregory seem less powerful as they talk to Benvilo as he a leader and that they had to try and impress Benvilo with the ways they react to other people.

When Benvilo has gone into the toilet the other two are very scared by Abram’s presence and they panic when they draw their guns. Benvolio walks back and draws his gun without panic but he tries to call the peace, Benvilo name in Italian means peacemaker. This shows he, not a violent person. Tybalt walks back into the scene and wants the conflict to carry on.

Romeo is a very lonely person who does not seem to have a great relationship with his parents. Romeo is a very romantic young man, as he loves to be in love. He seems to be very confused about what is love and whom he loves; this is shown from lines 165-177. Romeo is not a violent person who the audience makes out to be a very perfect person. The ‘pun’ that is said about him is in relationship to his love being in love. Benvolio says ‘he has been walking around near a sycamore tree,’ he is saying that Romeo has got lovesickness.

Mr and Mrs Montague seem to be very wealthy as their travelling around in a limo, they are wearing very expensive clothes and other items.

The Capulet parents seem to live the same lives as the Montague. They have expensive clothes a very nice house and they have expensive cars.

Paris is a neutral person in this civil brawl, he wants to marry Juliet but Juliet does not want to marry Paris, This is an arranged married as her parents want Paris to be her husband as he got a good job prospect and is a very nice young gentleman.

The prince of Verona is a neutral person as he has family on both sides; he in charge of the town, in the film Baz has interoperated him as a chief of police. He is very concise as he gets to the point when he tells the family both in the civil brawl that one more outburst will result in their lives paying the ‘price.’

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Juliet is a very young woman who does not love Paris, she does not want what her parents want her, which in those days was very ‘rude.’

Baz Luhrman has used the same language except he cut parts out that of the original screenplay. There is a lot of ‘puns’ that are jokes what are words that mean two different things. The start of the play starts off with a series of ‘puns’ based on the words coal and colliers. This would not make sense to a modern-day audience as there Elizabethan phrases. These series of ‘puns’ have been cut out as no one would understand them and it would not make sense, and this would cause problems with tension building and the first impression as there most important in a film as it plans out the rest of the film.

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