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Roaring Camp Essay

And so the work of regeneration began in Roaring Camp (9). The regeneration referred to takes place in a California mining camp in 1850 after the birth of Tommy Luck, son of Cherokee Sal, the camp s prostitute, who died giving birth. Sometimes one doesn’t realize how much he needs to change until he gets a subtle push from fate. Just a little addition to the world can cause a regeneration of a lifetime. Bret Harte demonstrates this idea in the story The Luck of Roaring Camp. In this story, Bret Harte shows that even the roughest men can regenerate into kind, gentle, wholesome people, with the love of a child.

The term roughs applied to them was a distinction rather than a definition(3). The men of Roaring Camp live the way they please. They have no rules or regulations, nobody to impress, and nobody to tell them what to do or how to act. The assemblage numbered about one hundred men. One or two of these were actual fugitives from justice, some were criminal, and all were reckless (2). The men of Roaring Camp were unruly and all it takes is the love of an infant to change the rude into responsible. Roaring Camp will go through the regeneration of a lifetime. All of the men at the mining camp will strive to make Roaring Camp a suitable place for a baby to live. The very first sign that the men are in the process of change is when they went to see the baby for the first time.

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They walked in a single file line and in an orderly fashion. Many gave the baby a contribution. The sorry state of the camp and the men underwent change immediately after the arrival of the baby. Almost imperceptibly a change came over the settlement ( 9). The new baby was given the name Tommy Luck but was known around the camp as The Luck. The men made sure that Luck was scrupulously clean. The men decided it was time to undergo changes themselves. The reflections of the latter on the appearance of Roaring Camp tended to produce stricter habits of personal cleanliness (9). The men wore clean shirts and moral and sanitary laws were not neglected. The men of Roaring Camp gave up shouting and profanity because they did not want to disturb Luck. Some men even sang the baby lullabies.

The birth of the baby definitely changed the men and Roaring Camp for the better. It was wonderful how many treasures the woods and hillsides yielded that would do for Tommy (11). The men of Roaring Camp regenerated just because of the love of a baby. Tommy Luck was known as The Luck of Roaring Camp. The men felt that as long as they had Tommy, they had the luck with them. One should never put all of his trust in luck because sooner or later his luck is bound to run out. The men put all of their faith into one little baby. Such was the golden summer of Roaring Camp. They were flush times, and Luck was with them (12). The men gave the baby the credit for their gold findings. The men said their gold mining was going so well because they had Luck. They found out they weren’t too lucky when the baby drowned in the flood.

Spiritual redemption is clearly shown in The Luck of Roaring Camp. Men can change simply because of the love of a baby. Also, don’t put all of one’s faith in luck because your luck will leave you. The men at Roaring Camp change from rough, dirty, and loud, to kind, clean, and conservative because of the warmth of a child. Tommy Luck really brings out the best in the men. The men also learned a valuable lesson. Don’t set your mind on luck because it won’t last forever. The story clearly shows the sorry state of the men and the camp before and after the birth of the baby, the regeneration of the men, and the story s spiritual redemption. Bre Harte does a great job of portraying each character and morals in The Luck of Roaring Camp.

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