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Rise of women sports in American: A Society Changes

Today when you talk about women and sports no one really makes a big deal about it because it has grown to be a huge part of our society in this time of day. Women sports have grown rapidly in the past decade due to such success stories as the women’s world cup soccer team and all the recent Olympic gold medal winners.

The first and most important historical moment that impacted the growth of women’s sports was the 1996 gold medal basketball team. This team showed everyone that the United States could and will be a dominant figure in women’s Olympic basketball in days to come. This win also opened eyes in the United States and showed that we needed a professional league of our own so we could become even more of dominant world power on the basketball stage. Now that everyone saw that these girls could play Commissioner Stern helped create what we know today as the WNBA. During the 2000 games in Sydney, the women’s basketball team went 8-0 to capture their second gold medal in a row.

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Next, I would like to talk about women’s soccer, which nowadays has become one of the most prominent women sports in the United States. Soccer, which has always been dubbed the “World Sport”, has always been know as a man’s sport, but now it is a huge sport for women today. Finally, the last sport I want to talk about is women’s softball. Women’s softball is becoming the most popular sport in the United States, due to the fact of them winning the gold medal in the Sydney Olympics this summer. These women showed great composure on the world stage by starting the games with a 2-3 record and winning the 5 games to bring home the gold medal.

Now that I have talked about the growth of Women Sports I want to talk about how this impacted society as a whole. Women Sports shows little girls that it is not bad to dream about becoming a professional athlete today, and it also gives them role models to look up to and mould their game around. Speaking of Role Model’s many come to my mind, but I will talk about 3 in particular. The first sport’s figure that comes to my mind is Mia Hamm. Mia Hamm is an excellent soccer player and a huge role model to young and old girls. Mia is the captain of the women’s US Soccer Team, which has won 2 Gold Medals and a World Cup title in 6 years. Mia has also done commercials with Michael Jordan, who is by far the greatest basketball ever to play. When little girls see Mia with Michael Jordan it gives them a reason to play sports because it shows that Michael Jordan also endorses women sports too. The next Role Model is Cynthia Cooper.

Cynthia is a former member of the Houston Comets, which have won 4 straight WNBA titles. Cooper led the Comets to those titles and she walked away with all four MVP honours. Cynthia is an excellent role model because she is a great sport at basketball and her game is excellent for girls of all ages to mould theirs around. The final Role Model I would like to talk about is Julie Foudy, who is a member of the US Soccer team. Picture this, you go into penalty kicks and your tied 4-4 and your kick will win. The kicks off your score and your team win the World Cup.

Wow-what Julie Foudy had done for girls across the country as a role model was huge. Now there are girls across the country trying to re-in-act the shot heard around the world in women’s soccer. So in conclusion to all of this, I think women’s sports have changed society forever. I also think that it shows us, men, that ladies in sports in really not a bad thing, but a good thing that helps break down the barriers that sports are only for men.

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