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Review of Ken Griffey Junior Biography

He leaps into the air, scrambles up the outfield wall, one hand on the padding, glove up, and makes the impossible possible. The crowd goes wild as he makes the marvellous catch. Baseball just wouldn’t be the same without Ken Griffey Jr.’s excellent personal qualities and athletic ability. Junior has always tried and worked himself to the limit. The biography book, At the Plate with Ken Griffey Jr., by Matt Christopher, shows how Ken has confidence in himself, possesses great skills, and soon will be a baseball superstar for the Seattle Mariners.

One way Ken changed baseball was by bringing his hard work and love for the sport to the game. He never quits on anything that he starts. He tries until he has done it right and even that isn’t ever enough for him. He always works hard to accomplish his goals and dreams. While he was in high school, he was in trouble. He needed to bring his grades up so that he could keep playing his two favourite sports, baseball and football so he hit the books and studied as much as he could.

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He was determined to get his grades up, and so he did. By the next semester, he was back playing both football and baseball. From then on he was doing great in both school and sports. Ken later decided that he would follow his dad and choose to play baseball. Little did he know that he was going to be on the Seattle Mariners. Ken did everything in his power to help the Mariners become a winning team and in 1995 he did it. He made history! He took a losing team and brought them to the American League Championships that year.

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That’s not all Ken had to offer to the Mariners and baseball itself. He brings his confidence to every game for himself and for the entire team. With this confidence, the team started to win and improve. Everyone on the team started to believe in himself and the team. As players started to improve, they needed a new stadium, so they went to the governor for help. The city later had a vote, but the votes for having a new stadium were too few. Even though they did not get a new stadium, their confidence grew and that is what had helped them get to the American League Championships. crowds grew because the team made it to the American League Championships and soon the majority of the people of Seattle had voted in favour of having a new stadium for the Mariners.

That’s still not all that Ken had brought to baseball. Besides his confidence and effort, Ken had great skills, which later helped a great deal in bringing down the New York Yankees in the playoffs. Ken was having the greatest season ever and it was just about to get even better. Ken led his team to victory three games to two and the Mariners went to the championships. However, his great skills still were not enough to win the championships. The Seattle Mariners have shut down that game and lost the World Series to the Cleveland Indians.

Baseball wouldn’t be the same without Ken Griffey Jr.’s excellent personal quality and athletic ability. He really did a lot for the Seattle Mariners, but he only did it for fun. So in conclusion Ken Griffey Jr. tried and worked himself to the max for his team. He always has the confidence to do his best and he has confidence that his teammates will try their best too. Finally, Ken Griffey Jr. has great skills and used them to help his team advance to the championships and make his dream come true that he would get there.

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