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Restaurant Review

Jaspas, a contemporary fusion restaurant located by the coast of Discovery Bay, is the perfect place for a meal if you’re looking for both exquisite and casual dining. The atmosphere is very comforting, and the mood is relaxed, with the d�cor being contemporary but restrained. The staff are friendly, welcoming and efficient. They are always willing to go to lengths to help make your dining experience as memorable as possible. Also, the tables are a good distance apart, so the diners are given their privacy, but at the same time do not feel isolated from others.

Jaspas offers an extensive menu complete with flavoursome dishes from all over the world, such as Indian, American, Chinese, Thai, Italian, Malaysian, Greek and Mexican cuisine. You can order from an exclusive range of starters, main courses and desserts. The dishes are also reasonably priced, with the starters at $80, entr�es at about $120 and desserts at $50. There are just so many dishes worth getting. It’s quite an adventure, just choosing the starter.

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When my partner and I went to Jaspas, we started our meal off with the lobster nachos ($95), which were out of this world. The warm, crunchy tortilla chips topped with salsa, guacamole, lobster bits and melted cheese were just the right thing to get my taste buds going. One downside to this dish was that the portion was too big. I could have ordered this for the main course, but it was an amazing dish all the same. We were also very tempted by the other dishes such as the Szechwan chilli clams, mini baby-back ribs, Mexican quesadillas, oriental won tons and others.

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Looking at the main course menu, you will understand what I meant when we had difficulty choosing because all the dishes Jaspas had to offer looked so delicious. Dishes like Caribbean chicken cooked with 5 spices or the delicately subtle salmon steak, made from fresh Norwegian salmon grilled and served with champagne caviar sauce. Other entr�es included <<Penne Arrabbiata, Chicken fajitas, rib-eye steaks and more. The good thing about the jaspers menu is that it provides an array of dishes from all the categories like meat, seafood, vegetarian and pasta.

I ended up ordering the Chateau Briand, which was definitely the right choice for me. The beef tenderloin was grilled to perfection (with my choice of cooking preferences. In this case, medium-rare), and the black pepper sauce has complemented the tenderloin wholly. The steak itself was a beauty. It was very tender, and it held the marinade in very well, so I experienced many different flavours in each bite, each enhancing the other. My partner ordered a dish that looked just as tastefully appealing; the chicken saltimbocca, saut�ed chicken breast with Parma ham and fresh sage infused in an elusive white wine sauce.

For dessert, I settled for a vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate fudge. It doesn’t sound too interesting or exotic, but it did wonders to my taste buds. There were also other, more sophisticated desserts such as cr�me brul�e, warm custard with double cr�me topped with caramelized golden brown sugar. Another very tempting dessert was the Banoffi cake; caramel base cake with fresh bananas, warm caramel sauce, whipped cream and a choice of chocolate or vanilla Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

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On the whole, my meal was excellent, with one little exception. The only problem, I thought, was that it seemed like we waited too long for our meal to arrive, which made us a little impatient, so I recommend that you order your starters as soon as possible. But, apart from that little problem, the meal was great.

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