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Research on Capital Punishment Effectiveness

The death penalty is the consequence that one human being must face for murdering another human being. The issue of the death penalty has long been debated. Some people believe it is the necessary sentence used for stopping crime. Others believe that it has no effect on crime. With the implementation of the death penalty, a lesser amount of crimes will be committed. Today such executions as electrocution, the gas chamber, and lethal injection are the main punishments for the crimes. All of these are contributing factors as deterrents of crime. Violence dominates the very streets that we walk in. Now more than ever, our society does not have normalcy. The world is not getting any safer. In order to ensure somewhat of a safe world, the death penalty must be enforced. In doing so, we will force the people who commit crimes to think twice about their actions.

They must know that they will suffer the most extreme of consequences for their actions Americans value the death penalty, not only for its utility as a crime reduction tool but also as a way of doing justice. Some crimes that occur are so vicious that they cause an abundance of outrage amongst people everywhere. For crimes such as these, society believes that it is necessary to express its outrage by seeking retribution, by punishing the offender in the most severe way possible. The only way they see it by killing him or her. If life is the most precious thing, then why is it that there are murderers that are still breathing the very air that the person that they killed once breathed. The death penalty also deters potential murderers from committing criminal acts. By having the death penalty, the message that severe crimes are unacceptable and that it is punishable by the ultimate sanction will get through to at least one person while saving another person’s life.

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The nation has the right to protect the innocent and punish the guilty by means of the death penalty. If the death penalty has continuous use throughout the United States, the crime rate should decrease and this will reduce the number of violent murders and other crimes, by eliminating the repeat offenders. Catholics have argued against the death penalty by saying that the church believes in forgiveness and therefore these people should not be given execution as a result of their actions. In some situations that may be true, but for those criminal acts that exceed just being sick and demented, it could not apply. What would some of these people say if they had someone that they were close to who was murdered? Without a doubt, they would want this person to have the worse possible sentence for their wrongdoing.

Many points have been argued about the death penalty and how it does not deter the violent crime rate. The people who believe that there is no deterrence of crime have not viewed the statistics. Prior to 1995, George E. Pataki, the Republican governor of New York, supported the idea that the death penalty was a necessary tool to fight and deter crime. He set out to change the way that New York had been for the previous two decades. During that time, New York had been without the death penalty. After two months in office, he signed the death penalty into law to crack down on the ruthless killers in the city. Since that time and up until 1997, violent crime had already dropped. The evidence is obvious. It is necessary to punish perpetrators of the most wretched crimes with the death penalty.

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