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Reflection on Professional Developer Survey Results

I came to college not having a clear view of what I wanted to do as a career. I took classes based on my interests, but one class that I was required to take, and had doubts about, was Gateway. This class, however, turned out to be very interesting and helped me identify many aspects of what I would like to do with my life.

I was placed in a group that was supposed to design a piece of playground equipment for disabled children. As one of the assignments we had to complete, we were to take a survey entitled “Professional Developer Survey.” The purpose of this assignment was to identify strengths and weaknesses that we may possess, and what we could contribute to the groups we were required to be working in.

The Professional Developer was a very integral part in my contribution to my team. While taking the survey, we were required to answer questions regarding our strengths and weaknesses regarding group work. The survey was very helpful in identifying key aspects in my ability to work with others and gave me a chance to work on my strengths and weaknesses.

After taking the survey I found that I was strong in decision making and communication, but was generally weaker and self-management. While decision making, I am very attentive and cooperative with others. I listen to what they have to say while naming comments myself when I see necessary. During the decision-making process, I am able to sift out unnecessary data and make clear decisions. Although most decisions made within a group are never unanimous, I can get groups to take the best aspects of all the different arguments and make the best decision.

I also am good at directing the conversation and helping the group come to a unanimous decision. In this respect, I am also good at communication. I can get my ideas across well, and often persuade others of the best aspects of my ideas. When working in groups, I often take control of the group and am able to manage them well. People tend to work well together under my guidance and I fell that I am an effective leader when my group reaches goals together.

My weaknesses fall mostly in the area of self-management area. I feel that I need to set better goals for myself and draw up long term plans for projects that I undertake. I am also not very organized and tend to try and keep knowledge in my head instead of writing it down. In the future, I hope to combat this weakness by writing down information and keeping them in folders where I can access them easily.

I will also start planning ahead for long term projects, and make goals for the projects that I am working on. By doing so, I hope to increase productivity in my group and further the project that I am working on.

Overall the Professional Developer has helped me zero in on specific aspects of my group working abilities. Now having identified my strengths and weaknesses and having made plans to work on them, I can begin to better myself as a group worker. I think the experience will help me develop into a better worker both in the classroom in which I am working and in the future when I am working the career path of my choice

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