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Reasons We Act the Ways We Do Pyschology

“Teenagers not only process emotions more intensely and more indiscriminately than adults, but also appear to use their brains differently to handle what they are told,” says Robert Lee Hotz, in his article Scans Show Teenage Brains Work. But is this an excuse as to why males, from ages sixteen to thirty-two, are getting into more trouble than any other age group? Many people believe that psychology proves this quotation to be true. I was born into my family just nineteen years ago. Although the number does not exceed great heights, the world is forever changing and throughout those years a lot has happened. There have been several efforts made to end racism, injustice, and inequality. The population of those living without food and money has decreased because of the hundreds and thousands of people willing to help. So many I could fathom beginning to name them all. For me, I was never really taught to do whatever it takes to make a difference. Recycling was about the only thing I was taught to do in order to better the world.

While my family and everyday encounters are filled with laughter and love, the encouragement to think of the world as equal was never really there. My parents, my father mainly, were raised in households where they were taught to take care of themselves before anyone else. This way of life was of course passed down to me. Yet, this does not mean that I have to adapt to this way of life as well. Ever since I was little, I have tried to disown the teachings of my parents and tell myself that everyone is equal and that there is no one in the world who is any more reckless or violent than anyone else. Therefore, behavior genetics is one of the perspectives that gives me a chance to change my way of thinking to be different from that of my parents. I was surprised by the statistics because I had never thought about young American males acting any different than any other age group, in fact, I had never really thought of any one group of people acting differently than another.

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Because of my naïve attitude towards life, I have always thought of things as equal between males and females in this day in age. After absorbing the information about the different actions between males and females, I do not think that we can blame biology and psychology all on the behavior of males. I do believe that things like high levels of testosterone are proven to make males act differently than females, but I think in a troublesome sense, males have nothing different in their bodies to make them more violent. I believe that because society has this image of males being more violent, and more prone to spousal abuse, etc. it gives males an excuse to act like this when in reality they really have no excuse at all. We should all be treated equally, and males should not be treated differently just because they are men.

When analyzing why some people respond differently to actions, the psychodynamic perspective is very important. This could give Doctors an answer to why someone is more violent than someone else. The answer could lie within a trauma they experienced when they were younger and should not be blamed on the way they were born. I think that as a society, we have many different options to try and stop the violence and abuse in males, ages sixteen to thirty-two. I think that one of the biggest reasons for this difference in males’ actions lies in the way you are brought up, also known as the social-cultural perspective. I think that this perspective plays a huge role in how we act when we get older. If you grow up in a household where your father hits your mother, and you were never taught that abuse is wrong, then chances are, you would grow up not knowing that violence is a bad thing. But, if you were brought up in a very traditional household, where you did not even know that violence had existed in the world around you, then you would most likely grow up to be a person who is against violence.

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If more parents show their children that violence and drugs are not good, then more people would grow up not believing in it, which would eventually end up in less violence. Although I do not think that violence on TV is a majority of the reason for violence in the world, I do not think it aids in trying to stop the violence. I believe that all children, no matter how sheltered they are, will eventually be exposed to some type of violence, but I think the later the better. Therefore, they should try and limit the amount of violence on TV and keep it to a minimum, if possible. Referring back to the quote that was said by Robert Lee Holtz, in the article Scans Show Teenage Brains Work, the cognitive perspective shows that every person’s brain works differently. People process information in different ways, therefore, what is said to one child could mean something totally different to another child.

This sort of ambiguous interpretation creates a problem because what is meant as a joke to one boy, could be taken seriously in another child’s mind and end up in danger. Because of this, I do not think there is anyone solution to deal with the cognitive perspective. In conclusion, I do not think that the answer to why young males are more reckless than other groups of people lies within their genes. It could very well lie within experiences they had when they were younger, or the culture or environment they were brought up in. Every person is different, and every person has had a different life and different reasons why they act the way they do. Therefore, it has to be something in the way males are brought up or maybe even stereotypes they feel obligated to fulfill. Young males are just another group of people, and because of this, they have no reason to act any differently than anyone else in this world.

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