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Reality of Dreams

Who can say they have never dreamed? Every person has had a dream. Every person has strived to obtain their dream. Every person also has had obstacles in their way that prevented and delayed them from achieving their dreams. The reality is that many “dreams” are defined as dreams because of their relative difficulty to come in reality or they are not common in occurrence; for if dreams were to be reached by all of society they would not be called dreams yet the only milestone in your life that is easy to come by. Many different people have many different dreams, each differing in concepts such things as a dream to have world peace or a dream that is widely shared with people like getting into a respected institute after high school. Yet even though these dreams differ in size and complexity each has its own set of hurdles PER SE that you must get over to reach your dream whatever it may be.

Depending on the set of hurdles and the person themselves these dreams they long for may or may not be achieved. Most people’s dreams are not just affected by the person’s actions yet it is intertwined with other peoples actions; this, in turn, this may alter the chance your dream may come true in either a positive or negative fashion. The fact is that life has its challenges that depending on the situation as well as the person it may or may not lead to the objective we have in our mind, our dreams.

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The truth behind dreams is that they have to be difficult to achieve for if they were not then most likely that dream is not worth working or longing for. This is true in human society and even in the fiction novels written; this aspect in life that we must struggle to gain our goals is so fundamentally laid down in our culture as people that we include it as a basic human trait. In the novel The Great Gatsby, written by profound author F. Scott Fitzgerald, he demonstrates the human characteristics of his characters by giving them dreams and obstacles they must pass to reach their dreams. This is most true with the character Gatsby. In the story, Gatsby has a dream that we are very well affiliated with the dream of being in love and getting the one we love.

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His dream was that he fell in love with a young woman named Daisy who he struggles with throughout the novel to get her to leave her husband and wed him, and even before she got married he also had to struggle for her attention when they first met. Throughout the novel, Gatsby is getting “smacked in the face by life” for he strives so hard past all the hardships he had in the process to get Daisy. Fitzgerald not only put occurrences in Gatsby’s life that would obscure his dream but he also includes objects that in turn would help Gatsby reach his goal such as Nick the main character. “No amount of fire or freshness can challenge what a man will store up in his ghostly heart.” is true in Gatsby’s case for all the negative and even the positive events in Gatsby’s lives they never once obscured him from his dream, Daisy. Gatsby is depicted as a person who no matter what life threw at him he still did not stop or give up till he got his dream of getting his love even though it indirectly killed him at the end of the novel. There are many people like Gatsby that in their real lives where they must go through difficult times constantly to reach their goal, yet they will never give up till they reach it for better or worse.

In all segments of human interaction may it book to television to friends you notice the difficulties people endure to secure their prize. No matter who you are or what your situation is you will have a dream and will have a choice on how you will play upon that dream and as always there are aspects of your dream that are not up to you varying from acts of nature or the action of a random person. In the world just as there are people who differ in nationality and ideals there are also people who come about their dreams and aspirations differently. Some are hardworking and may strive to achieve their goals by any means necessary, surpassing all obstacles; or there are the others who let life take its path either not caring enough for their dream to try to gain them or have no hope whichever it may be it pretty much depends on you and your dream.

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By turning on the news you will most likely hear a story about someone who endured many problems in their lives only to finally one day achieve their goals such as cancer survivors who have only a short part in what they can actually do to survive other than dream and fight on and people such as astronauts whom from young ages prepare themselves in every manner for the one chance that they might hopefully get to become space voyagers. These people may have either worked for their dream not letting the challenges of reality get in their way and working hard or just getting lucky and getting their dream. Either way, dreams are achieved but the underlying truth is to achieve your dream there is that it all depends on the person and the complexity of their dreams.

All people in one manner or another have tried to make their dreams come to turn and this is no more true in me. At a very young age, I wanted to become a doctor of some sort. I always pretend to play doctor with my sister and friends hoping that one day I may truly be a doctor and would no longer be pretending. This dream has been nearly shattered for me at this stage in my life. To become a doctor one must not be just well educated yet they must do well in school, which demonstrates hard work and discipline in a student who wants to go to a university to study to become a doctor.

Unlike Gatsby, I have been affected by the challenges of reality, which have directly affected my chances of becoming a doctor. The wild high school life has negatively affected my study habits and schooling, these are corroborated with the fact that my school grades are way lower than the younger Michael was accustomed to, yet high school is not only to blame for I had a choice whether to strive for my dreams or waste it all away for a night of fun, even though I would do this every night.

The three things that have actually now have begun to affect me in a positive manner are my friends and family, great teachers, and my fear of not amounting to nothing, which would be the end to my dream. Many people would say that if becoming a doctor was actually a dream “stored up in my ghostly heart” I would have not let anything stop me from achieving my dream yet I did and yet it is still my dream. It is still my dream for there is still hope I believe in achieving my dream even though the hardships that I must face now are much greater and competitive than those that I would have faced if I would have just stay on task during the early years of high school. Barely just now realizing that my dream may be totally gone forever if I do not shape has me totally freaked in to try my best to resist the interference of realities and get my dream no matter WHAT!

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Dreamers will always dream but it’s the ones who apply to those dreams who become real. Reality has always played a part in my life as well as others. The challenges created by reality have always taken part in affecting dreams yet there are people who are not obscured by reality and achieve their dreams only being slow down just for a bit but never to the extent where their dream is non-existent. It is only when a person chooses to let reality take is a role in your dream that you have failed your dream. The only time when it is too late to achieve your dream is dead for as long as you have self-determination your dreams can be your reality.

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