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Pros and Cons to Capital Punishment

For many years the death penalty has been the sentence for murders, rapists, and other serial criminals. But, in recent months it has been an issue in whether the death penalty should or should not be legal. There are many people that think that capital punishment should be used and there are others that feel that it should not be used. Also, there are some in the middle that thinks that it doesn’t really matter because they feel that whatever happens will be right because it was brought up and decided in a court of law. Capital punishment is the only way to be sure the killing will at least end with that criminal. Prisons are not hard enough on their inmates. For example, citizens feel that capital punishment is only fair to those that have committed a crime such as murder. This shows that you have to find and prove that the criminal is truly guilty.

This could take days, months, even years, and in that time they are treated nice and not like prisoners. For example, the inmates are allowed to attend school and watch TV in case that they are released. But then, are the guards even thinking? These are men that committed series of crimes, capital crimes. They killed people, and if they’re not going to be killed they sure better not be released to do it again. It seems like they don’t remember that the inmate had no mercy when they were raping, or killing that innocent person, yet we feel sorry for them. There are lots of issues that arise with the death penalty, such as moral issues and innocent lives being taken, when maybe they shouldn’t. For example, there is a lot that needs to be done before the initial action is taken place. This shows that there needs to be clear and correct evidence on the suspect in custody.

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Therefore the new technology that has been presented to society, such as DNA testing, many mistakes shouldn’t be made in these life-threatening decisions. New Technology should be used as a sure way that the judgment to death is correct. There are people that believe that the death penalty is morally wrong because they feel that only god should have the final authority in death. This shows that a death penalty is just a form of cruel and unusual punishment. There fore they believe that the criminal should not be punished with death, even though, the criminal had no mercy on the higher victim. For example in July of 1999, Allan Lee Davis was electrocuted in the Florida electric chair. During the time of his electrocution, he suffered a nosebleed, and pictures were posted all over the Internet. This shows and helped ones against capital punishment prove it was a form of cruel and unusual punishment.

Now the Supreme Court has agreed to review all-electric chairs to see whether or not it is a form of physical violence, disfigurement, and or torment. Right now there are still quite a few forms of civilized forms to kill. First is lethal injection, electric chair, gas, hanging, and shooting. Most citizens feel lethal injection should be the only form of capital punishment. Overall capital punishment seems like the only way to assure criminals that the justice system is for real. This will allow the criminals to see the consequences of taking the lives of others. This method will not only assure they will not kill again but also reassure the phrase, “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.”

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