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Promotional Activities of a Mountain Resort

The breakdown and media mix would have to change. A new partnership could be formed with a local radio station that appeals to the targeted 21 to the 40-year-old listener. The Local radio station KCHZ commonly referred to as “The Bear” offers the music mix aimed to the 21 to 40-year-old market. Their progressive promotional activity would be an excellent vehicle for Camp Fortune to promote its new look and message.

The radio station is continually looking for a venue to host its various promotional activities such as “freebies”, rock concerts, album introductions and other various functions. Camp Fortune is looking to draw people to the hill not only for skiing and winter activities but also summer events as well. I would propose that “The Bear” and Camp Fortune form a business partnership. Camp Fortune will spend 60% of the radio budget allowed on KCHZ if “The Bear” uses Camp Fortune for its the venue. The free advertising given by this partnership will allow more penetration for both “The Bear” and Camp Fortune and would prove to be beneficial to both.

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Newspaper activities would again be marketed tot his target market group with the majority of the print media being spent on the “tabloid” papers such as the “Sun”. Statistics have shown the target demographic views this paper style as more popular.

The use of an Internet site to promote the ski hill and to actually sell the lift tickets/passes would be another option. Offering a discount for “online” booking would ease the line ups at the hill and gives more time for actual customer service at the ski booth. A fast pass system with confirmation number would allow a ’pre-booked” client to ease his way onto the hill. This type of ticketing system has worked well for West Jet and I see no hindrances to this application.

Selling advertising space on the Website would also pay for the site and perhaps also pay for the Fast Pass system on the hill as well. The global implications would work well also as various International clients could access this system and have their passes pre-booked and be ready to ski. Plus the number of hits could be charted and measured.

The next area of Marketing would be aimed at Demographic Segmentation. The Marketing Plan I propose is nothing new. Special pricing will be promoted on ‘Special Days”. For example, Senior’s day will be Sunday as will “Family Day”. On these days only, a person can buy a “Seniors” day pass or “Family ” day pass at season ticket prices, based on the time of the season of course. Again, this would allow the occasional skier to reintroduce themselves to the benefits of skiing.

Student pricing will also be in effect on school holidays based on a similar price structure and the similar benefit sought.

For the female skier, the lounge facilities would allow for a ladies night out featuring fashion shows or other female orientated entertainment. These would take place once per month during peak season. If these events were held at the Lockberg Lodge, sale of liquor and foodstuffs would increase, as there would be a distinct draw to that location.

Income levels of the clientele on lower incomes have already been addressed with discounts on certain days of the week, savings through the use of the new Internet site. Other ideas would be to assist lower income potential clients through an “Inner City” program through the Y.M.C.A. or other groups. By canvassing local businesses, the costs could be recovered through their involvement and sponsorship. The upper income clients could be wooed through a hotel / limo / ski pass promotion with an exclusive lodge for fine dining and entertainment. Basically what this would entertain would be an exclusive vacation that would allow the client to stay at a “Five Star” Hotel within Ottawa / Hull and be transported to the ski hill via limousine for a day of skiing. Again the Lockberg Lodge would come into play as it’s secluded nature would allow a fine dining atmosphere with no “general population” crowding. Obviously some costs would be involved to renovate the Lockberg to allow the decor match the event. Costs could be shared between the various participants, hotel, limo company and caterer. The introduction of celebrities would allow the Social Class Demographic to be addressed.

Ethnic background events such as TeleMark skiing will not only acknowledge the Nordic heritage of Alpine skiing but will inject a European flair to the ski hill. These demonstrations should be done weekly and offered in ski lessons.

In order to combat the weaknesses of Camp Fortune, the following would be marketed. Firstly, use the Lockberg Lodge for exclusive events such as I outlined above. Renovations would be required but in my opinion, that is the cost doing business. Secondly, renovate the other existing lodges to accommodate the increased traffic flow and look at building the new $300,000.00 Lodge. Clients like to see new and improved sites.

Secondly, in order to improve the sales of liquor, form another business alliance with a major distributor of libations. My suggestion would be Molson’s. The reason is not only would they provide a large diverse list of product, but also Molson’s Market a mini Rock Concert that could be adapted to Camp Fortune “Molson Rocks”. In return, Camp Fortune would only sell Molson’s product. The renovations to the existing lodges would include a “makeover” to set up “sports style” lounges conveniently located. This would again appeal to the target market 21 to 40-year-olds.

The dismal snowfall was a major concern. Unfortunately, no Marketing plan can control the weather. More snow making machines would be the solution, but I believe that should be an operational concern. Customer service would be the solution of the Marketing team. Star performance with “Management by Objective” plans would be initiated with staff and” Recognition through Compensation” would be the goal. Happy employees act better with patrons than do dismayed employees.

Another area of promotion not yet recognized would be to explore and promote the new field of “Extreme Sports”. Back in 1984, this Market was unheard of. The introduction of snowboarding in “Half Pipe”, “Slope Style” and “Mega Air” draws another market to the site of Camp Fortune.

These clients are on the edge, playing hard and partying harder. Definitely, a sales boost in liquor would be recognized at the 3 events planned through the peak season. If a sponsored event by Molson’s could be held at Camp Fortune, not only would the liquor sales go up but also the spectator draw would be immense as these events are very visually appealing.

Part of the “Extreme Sport” Market entails Motor Sports. A “Snow Cross” event would be natural during mid-December when snowfall would allow any damage to be quickly corrected by the high power snowmobiles. Besides the above benefits, National Television coverage is also common at these events.

Finally, Camp Fortune would have to be a year-round site. Mountain bike racing, hiking, summer banquets and events would have to be explored. Summer Motor Sport events such as “Motocross” would open more markets not yet realized. More income from more Markets would equal more profit.

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