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Progression of the Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is one the best books to reference the period of the 1920s. The book stood for tainted morals, and corruption between people and people, and business and business, and most of the time involving both. The message sent from the book shows us the success stories and the all too familiar depression stories of the no job opportunities.

You have to understand the mental state of the people of the Twenties. The American people had just gone through World War I. The economy was at the highest it’s ever been and was constantly going up. Prohibition had come into effect in 1111, but the general response to alcohol was ignorance of any problem that arose from it. Flappers were big because of their seductive independence surrounding them. They were described as young, slim and covered in silk and furs, with vivid red cheeks and lips, plucked eyebrows and a close-fitting-helmet of hair.

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The reality of women in the twenties was a strong push for social reform. More women in office jobs, sales, and service jobs. Women had just received the right to vote. But things wear not all great for the new-aged women. Hospitals, law firms, and other organizations still did not want to hire women for work, or they paid considerably fewer amounts for the same line of work.

The relevance to this fact is one that moulds people into something they’re not meant to be. The poor were becoming rich and vice versa. Gatsby’s great life was solely accredited to his fortune made due to prohibition. People would come to these great and luxurious parties to only find no host and plenty of other things going on. They would talk of this Gatsby as if he was a killer or a murder because there was no other explanation for his absence. People took it to themselves to take advantage of the free alcohol and great party atmosphere just waiting at their fingertips.

The title is remarkable to the book because if anyone heard of this young man Gatsby they would say that he was fortunate to be successful, but deep, deep inside he was torn up over his love for Daisy. The Great refers to the ruler of leader, but the end of Gatsby’s life was hardly that. The truth of the matter was that Gatsby was used for years and didn’t care. His death was a tragic murder that involved Gatsby drowning in his own pool.

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